Wednesday, February 1, 2017.  In amongst the many thousands of pages on this blog is the neuroscientific presentation about how important it is for peaceful calm to be the primary, central default experiencing opportunity for an infant so that this state of peaceful calm is built into its rapidly developing right social emotional brain hemisphere and nervous system as the set point of balanced equilibrium from which all other e-motions stem from and return to.

Nature has, I absolutely believe, designed MOTHERS to be the primary caregiver of infants during their first year of life.  This time, for us complex big-brain humans, SHOULD occur within the womb if it COULD – which of course it cannot.  Not only could we not get out of our ‘1st matrix’, but we also must go through – environmental influence interactional experiences – so that we can adapt most fully to the circumstances of the world we are born into.

The environment a mother lives within intimately affects her state of well-being, and her state is passed directly to her infant.  If a mother leaves her young infant in the care of strangers, yeah – the infant will be affected through changes to safe and secure continual attachment interaction of infant with mother, etc.

Shorthand:  If a human has little or no overriding sense of peaceful calm built into the center of their physiology from birth (accurately, from conception) as their set point of balanced equilibrium, peace itself will not be a primary experience.  It will be at best – secondary.

I do believe that humans can, will and must learn what peace even is.  Obviously, the drama humans pursue does not well lend itself to peace of any kind.

We need to calm down.  Way way down.

And, yes, I do believe this process is about learning how the “maternal qualities of nurturance” can expand while the “masculine” aggression qualities diminish.

Neuroscientists clearly describe how infants need lots of ‘down time’ to integrate information about the world that comes to them as stimulation.  Infants suffer from neglect where there is not enough of the right kind of stimulation and from over stimulation of EVERY kind.

Happiness?  Too much hurts a baby, and not having time to pause to integrate hurts a baby.  Humans are optimally designed should the best possible environment exist from conception forward — exactly for PEACEFUL CALM!  We are designed for this state to sustain us.

Long story short – we do as a species need to hit that pause control button.  We need to stabilize.  We need to cut out our addiction to drama for the sake of drama.

Or we are going to burn ourselves out.  We are smarter than that.  By a long shot.


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