*1951 – October 15 – Linda’s 6-week Checkup (and brother John)


October 15, 1951

Linda = 6 weeks check-up

Johnny = 16 months old today!

I’ve been threatening to start a diary about Johnny every time he has done anything that I have wanted to ‘remember always’ – or in other words ever since he has been with us BUT here he’s over a year old and already I look back trying to remember every little thing and find that there’s so much I wish I had written down so I could recapture it all.  Today in particular – we have just returned from Los Angeles bringing Johnny’s baby sister from her 6 weeks check-up and I hurried to get Johnny’s baby book to read.  How fast they grow!!  I must write down all the many little things from now on they do each day that I must remember – to have for always – and they’ll be so much from now on with the two of them.

We left Johnny with is Grandma today (and from all reports he was as good as gold) while we took Linda to the doctor.  She was all prettied up in a little white baby dress, booties and a crocheted sweater.  She did look just like a little cuddly baby doll that I used to dream about when I was a little girl – only there never could be a ‘doll’ as pretty and sweet as our precious baby girl.  Linda, our usual little sleepy-head was wide awake during our visit and never missed a thing.  She brought back so many memories of my first baby’s visit to the doctor for his 6-week check-up and oh, so many sweet memories that make me realize already that Johnny’s baby-book is past.  How much they look alike – Linda’s big blue eyes and brown hair – looks just as Johnny did at that time.

The doctor reported all fine with her.  She weighed 11 pounds 4 ounces and was 22 ¾ inches long.

When we got back to Grandma’s at 6:00 – Johnny’s usual bed-time he was playing contentedly in his play-pen with — !  all of my little girl make-believe dishes Mom has saved all these years – and such fun he was having!  I took him out and after a big hug he ran in to the bed-room to Linda.  Nothing would do but he had to climb onto the bed too, he put his little arms around ‘his baby’ and put his little head down on her, as he does, so lovingly and gentle as if to say ‘I missed you and I’m glad you’re back and I do love you my baby sister’.  I thought that so sweet that I vowed to write of their love and sweetness this very night.

Am closing now as many things to do but feel better for having written and will try to continue a few lines a nite at least.


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2 thoughts on “*1951 – October 15 – Linda’s 6-week Checkup (and brother John)

  1. Interesting that your mother did not write of her birth experience with you–she wrote about everything else, sometimes in minute detail. Did she ever write of her birth experience with any of the other children?

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