Stop the Storm by Beating Trauma

Empower Those Who Suffer Most

We continually recycle the traumas of our lives until they are resolved.  We need to know the nature of our traumas, how they are being recycled, and how to end this process.

We need to understand the changes that trauma has created in our bodies and therefore in our lives.  We need to know how trauma affects all of our attachments and relationships.  We need to vanquish our denials, grab onto all information that can be of use to us in our mission, and communicate with one another continually as we make efforts toward gaining a life free from  consequences of unresolved trauma for ourselves, our loved ones, our society and within our entire global neighborhood.

Most research on the transmission of unresolved trauma has focused to a large extent on how it is passed down the generations to offspring of traumatized parents through attachment disorders and empathy pathologies.  I believe the destructive web is far broader and more encompassing than this…………………..

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