*Grandmother’s 4-17-1960 Letter to Mother

April 17, 1961
Tuesday A.M. [letter from grandmother to mother]

Dear Mildred:

I got up in the morning with the best places in the world – ready to work furiously . Then the interruptions throw my schedule to the windows. Yesterday two “drop-in” interviews ruined a whole morning. But since they have been tested at one time – they are privileged. I do not get much of that, but it can throw a morning to the winds!

Also those Sunday lectures ruin a week-end. They are good-excellent. I hope “someday” I may use them. But the rest of the week goes “rush, rush.”

Not that I’m not glad – gut so much to do, to do!

Don’t think I got a note off since Friday-Saturday was 9, 9:30
-5:30 day. Sunday at Burt’s from 11 – to 4:30.

When I came home with C and C – but had to leave at 9:30 – to work on Monday.

Anyhow – about your last letter.

I was so happy that the dress could be used and that you like it. Was afraid you might not – but took a chance. Love to have a snapshot of you now. Don’t gain weight again. Eat an energy diet – but fruits and salads – no sweets?

Isn’t it amazing how I get your telepathic messages, or you get mine? We ought to keep track of them for fun.

Good to have a new gown, even if not expensive!

Would love to get a few Sears dresses for girls whenever you say so…..

Little nervous about you giving notice. Oh, Mil, you haven’t water etc up there yet – for Baby wash etc. Can you manage? Well it’s decided – so I go along with the idea knowing you and Bill know what’s best for you. I do shudder over it. Also hate to have you give up bath-room facilities when the children are so grown-up now!

I do understand how you yearn to get back to the homestead again. Think of it – it is now the Lloyd’s homestead isn’t it? Any news about it and Washington? Any news about the others? Any news about Bill’s job?

Wish you had “mules” instead of standing the old garage – tires etc problems again!!

You will be guided I feel sure, Mil. You never could have gone this far without God’s help. He gave you all strength and protection. He gave you Darling David to cheer you on the way!

How is the dear? Take it easy now. Don’t overdo just because you feel better now!

Of course I’m dying to go up. Darn the $$. I have to stay through June at least. I am trying so hard to get enough to enjoy my stay without worrying about reports. I’ll be there. I have my fare tucked away already. It’s like your plans on California – time will be right and you’ll know when it is. So shall I!

Bet children all excited about it. Don’t understand about the light plant, but it sounds grand! I’m more interested in a “well” and “water,” though. That is important in case Bill has to take a trip. And a “cow.” And having a man “plow” for a garden and plant it. “We” can weed it and care for it. Have lots of vegetables. Can you? Every one should this year!

Why not let me send a Sears carton for each girl now so they’ll have them before they leave school and town! You can send check later. Tell me in return or next letter. Sears are cheap now. Sales everywhere.

How about summer nighties, sneakers, and stockings? Those things don’t have to be fitted, but do send the exact sizes when you tell me. I am amazed the way they grow. I can hardly wait to see them.

When is BEST month for good weather, Mil? What’s your guess. You’ll probably get a rainy summer when snow was so light?

Oh, oh let me get back to work so I can hurry up there to you all. Loads of love to all and to you, – MOTHER –

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