*Granmother’s 12-5-1959 Letter to Mother and Father


Letter from grandmother to mother and father

Saturday, December 5, 1959

P.S. Did you receive the fruit cake C and C sent Air Mail from Boston

Dear Mil and Bill:

I am so thrilled and happy to bet Bill’s letter just now that I could cry for joy.  It was just wonderful news to hear that you “made it” up to the homestead.  Hurrah – Raise a flag.  I’ll be waiting anxiously for details of the trip and conditions.  John wrote such a nice letter before, let him drop a note when you all are too busy.

I’m in the middle of testing a man and his wife (Sat. P.M.).  He is not satisfied with his job, and has ulcers!  Wants diagnosis of his vocational problem too!  She works in electronics office with Kathleen who seems to sing my praises up there.  So – I haven’t time to write more now, will to-night or to-morrow.

I know I’ll sleep well to-night.  You all have been on my [mind] every minute night and day.  You have gone so far and bravely that I couldn’t begin to think Mother Nature would hold you up at the end.  Now I’ll pray continually for the beaters to work and for all to be well.  I’d die happy if I know you complete this little circuit which you have sacrificed so much for.  “Money” we can all earn somehow, sometime, but what you have earned is quite different.  Now I pray for health and safety.  Money we can all get soon – if we are as careful as we have been.  I love you all and want your security and happiness more than I ever wanted my own.  You’ll understand some day when your children are older.

Consider the radio my Xmas present to you and Mildred, with my love.  I had thought of that – last summer, but didn’t know.  I’ll send it via Sears on Monday.

Getting children (girls) lined pants (indoor and T shirts).  Sharon will get her mittens and knitted stocking-hat.  Girls won’t get theirs until later.

John will get a Bible which I hope he will always love and a shirt – and at least “one” stocking, perhaps the second which is “on its way.”  Will send one anyhow to check the size.

No more now – have to call “time” now!  Wanted to take this out when I go on errands at five.  Take care of yourselves my dears and all the little dears too.

All will be well.  God will guard them all if we trust.

Bye now – from a Happy Mother who is relieved to know you can get in your time.

Have you everything with which to keep warm?  Will you be able to get your supplies up?  No more worry thoughts today – Just happy thoughts for us all.

Kisses and love to all – from Mother


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