*Age 57 – Astrology Reading – Here’s just the part on my logic


2009 March Astrology Reading On My Emotions

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Transcribed from tape of telephone consultation



You wrote in your notes to me about the chaos of your childhood.  As you may know you may know Neptune [in my 1st house] is the god of chaos so to speak.  All right, so you have Neptune rising which means that you see your immediate world through a Neptunian stained glass, shall we say.  Nobody sees the world as it really is.  We all see it through our own little subjective perceptions.  It’s just the way we’re built.  So you have that Neptunian influence over your immediate world and it’s chaos but it’s — chaos has the potential of being so much more because chaos simply means there is no structure.

There is a vast, if you can just close your eyes for a moment and just imagine a vast sea of potential where anything is possible.  And we draw upon this sea for creativity.  We draw upon this sea for inspiration, for spiritual, it’s basically anything and everything can be drawn from here.  This is the universal storage battery for creative energy, so to speak.

So what was a negative when you were growing up in this chaos around you, because when a person is growing up they need structure in order to make sense of the world and you didn’t have that.  Now as an adult you have, with that Saturn on the ascendant you have a very strong need to make sense out of things, but that Neptune is still there meaning that you can’t do it unless you can stop trying to fit things into any kind of small orderly structure and think in more universal way.

You’re here on earth therefore you’ve got a body and stuff but you’re part of something much bigger and you’re part of the universe and you need to develop a more, shall we say, a universal consciousness, a universal awareness.  You’re not going to be able to really make sense of reality by trying to use earthly analytical abilities and just —-  2 and 2 make 4 only on a smaller scale.  On a larger scale that whole analytical system just kind of falls short.  Logic only works with the data that is available to it.

So if I say I have this bit of information and this bit of information and put the two bits of information together and I come to a conclusion, and then down the road a third bit of information comes and it totally throws my original conclusion off completely because it changes everything.  Instead of having two things I have three, and that changes the dynamics.

So logic only works with a very limited reality.  What you have and what you need to be able to tap is an awareness of a kind of a super logic that is bigger, that is a much more universal, that things make sense in a more universal perspective that might not make sense in the, shall we say, the day to day nuts and bolts world.

So to put this in another way, in order for you to survive in the chaotic realm that you grew up in you had to find an alternate way to deal with the information that you had, you had to find an alternate way to see the universe otherwise you would have ceased to exist.  And what was then a survival technique for you, instead of now being a negative has the potential of being a very positive, in that you can step back and see everything from this alternate perspective.

Where you are going to run into problems is if you try to just do things the way other people do, try to fit into any kind of a society’s way of thinking or expected way of thinking.  You are unique individual and you see things from a unique perspective and it is not a negative.  The negative comes from trying to be like other people, trying to see things the way other people do.  You don’t have to.



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