*1962 November – The 5th Year Moose Hunt


November 7, 1962

[mother’s letter to grandmother]

Guess what!  Bill just got a moose!!  A cow – season here for cows opens for few days only and he got one.  After 5 years.  I’m really pleased – he’s dressing it out now.  So next summer you’ll have moose meat when you come!


November 8, 1962

[mother’s letter to grandmother]

Bill got a cow moose (season for cows only open for several days) Saturday. And my we were pleased!  Quite a job to dress it out and had to take in certain sections to show Fish and Wildlife and he said it was a nasty job!  Anyways he finally brought it to town and they’ll fix it, wrap it etc. and we’ll rent a locker for $40.00 a year and 15 cents a pound to fix it – so even it costs but just think 360 pounds meat.

We will feast on moose next year when you come!  I know Bill is pleased but hated to shoot a cow as it just stood there and didn’t try to escape.  He got it several miles in back of our place.


My belief is that my father was a sensitive man.  He cared about the life of a moose that I have no doubt it was hard for him to take one’s life.  His faithful, dedicated provider nature showed in the fact that he hunted for a moose to feed us for five years before he finally got one.  He didn’t hunt for ‘sport’ or for fun.  He hunted for necessity.  I admire these things about my father.


2 thoughts on “*1962 November – The 5th Year Moose Hunt

  1. “My belief is that my father was a sensitive man” You’ve got to be kidding? He allowed your mother to severely abuse you for 18 years! He lacks any kind of sensitivity at all.

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