*1963 – September 4 – Letter from dad to mother


Wednesday, September 4, 1963 9:00 P.M.

Oh my Darling, Beloved Mildred,

It was so good to hear your voice, I’ve been sitting here for the last half hour just smiling to myself and thinking about you. J  It’s strange the way we’re watched over – the way things work out.

This morning I got your letter – and a card too – pleading for “$” – and then I found that I could get an advance on the loan.  Then I was concerned about this school business – and then we found that this other man was willing to go, and I could get out of it gracefully.

Then tonite right after work I went down to ACS to send you the money.  Only I couldn’t decide where to send it.  I was going to call your Mother, but I found it would cost as much to call her as to call you, and I thought she probably wouldn’t be home yet.  Then I decided that you wouldn’t have left Santa Fe unless you had gotten the last money, and if you hadn’t gotten it you’d still be there and need $ more than ever – so I sent it there, as you know.  Then I walked out of the P.O. just in time to catch the bus back here.  And I hadn’t been back here half an hour when I heard the phone ring.  That was only the second time it rang since I’ve been here.  I dashed down the hall to answer it, and Mil, I just knew it was you!

I haven’t known what to think, or do, and I guess the letter (book?) I wrote last nite showed it.  But I think my mind is getting clearer now.  I know our letters will be crossing in the mail, so I won’t confuse things by saying anymore until I see your reaction to that letter.  But I’ll bet we arrive at the same conclusions!

I’ll have to figure out what bills we have to pay with this loan – we got a letter from Mrs. Spoerry, and some “notices” from a couple of others.  Then we’ll decide together, or at least agree by mail, what to do with the rest.  I have some ideas, but I want to work them out first.

Today we got a second letter from your Uncle Howard.  As near as I can decipher it, they’re on a vacation in Iowa, — but I’m not sure.  I think I’ll send it to you, so you can tell me what he says.  Also got a card from you written in Whitehorse, telling me you were going to Edmonton.  The odd thing is that it’s postmarked September 3!  For a minute I thought you were on your way back already.  It must have gotten lost in the postoffice [sic] there, and just discovered yesterday!  Also my letter to Dawson Creek, returned “Non reclaime”, enclosed herewith, too.

My mind is a-whirl with ideas, about you, and about our trip home, and the things I’ve got to do, and —!  So I close now and get to work on the (ugh) bills, but by tomorrow nite I hope I can make better sense.

I love you, my Darling, I can still hear your voice, and I feel so much closer to you now.

Goodnite, Sweetheart, Bill

P.S. I’m also enclosing a note I wrote to John, during my coffee break this afternoon.  He surely writes well.  B.


Letter in context:  *1963 – Mother’s Letters

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