*Grandmother’s 3-2-1960 Letter to Mother

March 2, 1960

Letter from grandmother to mother

Dear Mildred:

Really a “short note” for now so you’ll know all is well here.  Hope I get a note from you telling me the same about you all!  Being unable to work more than a few hours each day, I have too much time to think and to worry too.  Darn it.  “Doctor treat thyself,” I keep saying but to little avail.

How busy and weary you must be these days.  Get John or Linda to write a note.  Or – please use these cards to say “O.K.” – all are well.  Please?  Lillian sent them for me – and I share them now with you.  I shall try to write to her today – a note.  She was glad to get your letter.

Yesterday and to-day I’ve really begun to feel like myself!  About time.  Manage only one interview, but ready now to tackle reports again.  Thank goodness.  Was discouraged and tired so easily, both physically and mentally!

Had few days rain – but today is beautiful – clean air and blue sky.  Rained over week-end, so didn’t go out, even to store.  Charlie went house-hunting on Sat. A.M. and Sunday P.M. with Carolyn.  I wasn’t up to it, and it was raining.  He has me on his mind and wants to buy a house – by taking money from land he had bought in valley 2 years ago.  Oh, Mil, I’m lucky to have him feel that way, but I U to be “beholden” to Charlie or anyone, like that, thought I’d pay rent and not worry about moving unless I wanted to.  Carolyn says it’s an investment for him and to do it.  So —– I must appreciate it.  Yet I wonder if she minds?  I know I’m super-sensitive and that’s why I would wonder.  Anyhow, it’s a blessing I have had the extra extension of time.  The people over the garage moved out on Sat. and Sun.  I don’t  know where.  Charlie is anxious because he says 90 days are required for escrow.  But prices are terrible.  They have turned real estate into a peak market and it is really not a good time to buy.

I have to get busy, busy to make up for the long weeks when I was not working!  Today, for first time my ambition is back.  It will jump to new heights if I know you are well.  How I pray every day, over and over, that you can keep well and make the grade on your “time” limit.  When it is over there will be a time of rejoicing.  Then you can begin to think about when you all can come to Pasadena any old way, or some way, we’ll work it out for you to come.  It must work out and I feel it will.

Carolyn’s family surprised her with telephone call on Monday night to say Bob and his wife are hoping to drive out this spring or summer.  They want her folks to join them.  They think it is too much strain on them, but they may come themselves if her Dad puts some “deal” through  Carolyn says some one better come after getting her hopes up.  (Don’t get idea of telephoning now, save that money!)

I’d like to see the letter C. wrote.  Hope I did not worry you.  Guess he thought I’d be “down for sure” after that 2nd attack.  Hope he didn’t write then.  In reality I was knocked out, but had a good long rest and will be better than ever.

Am going up this P.M. or to-morrow A.M. to make an application for Social Security “just in case” I need it.  I can have it any month I do not make $100.  Or any month I do not choose to work, I guess!  Only have to give up and report when I make more than $100 a month!  So there is a feeling of security.  You see I can go to Alaska for a month and not worry, though it is low minimum, but something.  Really hope I can continue on good scale, but this will be fine “in transition period” of moving and adjusting this summer if I need it.

Remember NO ONE knows I ever loaned you anything except that first 500 on the first house.  And you told thatSo do not ever tell.  When the time comes that you are ready you can just donate it toward mother’s “old age.”  As it stands forget it.  I’ll let you know the results of my interview.  I don’t need it nowBut, Mil, it’s so good to “feel” better anyhow.  The weeks have dragged on and on, until I feared I’d never feel pep again!  Already I know better.


Mail has gone – no letter.  No news is good news so they say.  So just fill out a card or have John or Linda for you!

Haven’t heard about receipt of the knitted things….Have the spring sewing “urge” coming, but I will tend to business first, then “sew a little” at night, I hope!

Hope all works out this month. You’ll be BUSY – with new girl and the homestead etc.  But just good health with it, and all is well.

I love you my dear.  And am ever so grateful for having a daughter like you.  Lovingly, Mother


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