3 thoughts on “DISSOCIATION

  1. This website is fascinating. I am a middle-aged counselor who is currently seeing one! After all of these years I am realizing that I do not have continous memory. My mother was a raging borderline who attemted suicide numerous times. She liked to make sure that I found her.
    I am very disturbed by my gaps in memory and unsure how much I want to remember. My brother became a drug addict, my sister got pregnant to get out of the house and…I remained.
    I have had a lot of difficulty letting people get close to me. I am comfortable getting close to them, and with any/all discosure from them…but I struggle. Hence- I get some of my intimacy needs met by work. My other needs get met in therapy.
    Continue to write folks…you find yourself that way.

    • Thank you for stopping by! There’s quite a bit of information about insecure attachment disorders on this blog. Once I realized I had ‘one of those’ pieces began to fit together.

      “I am very disturbed by my gaps in memory and unsure how much I want to remember.” — Because you describe your mother the way that you do, my guess is that the information here about how interactions with early caregivers form the body-brain differently when we have ‘different’ mothers (to put it most mildly) might be helpful for you, too. We were formed differently — the only main ‘salvation’ being the presence of some other stable, loving early caregiver. These early experiences form us, and have become a part of us, but lie within the implicit memory of our body and cannot be recalled (usually) consciously.

      Our body has a wisdom in terms of memory and what I call ‘self disclosure’. It sounds like your childhood was horrifically traumatic. Poke around here — you can search with the search bar, too. Hope to hear from you again!! All the best, Linda

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