**Notes on “A Child Called “IT””

It child notes


It is foolish to ignore the findings of science in order to continue to believe any outdated notions about the facts of life.  To ignore the facets of evolution as they pertain to the present day aspects of being of the human species would be just one of these foolish beliefs.

It would also be foolish to look for solutions to problems where they do not exist.  In our searching to understand our lives, and ourselves we might come across avenues that explain a portion of what we need to know, but if we leave our “fountain” still thirsty, and finish our “banquet” still starving, we need not give up our efforts to enrich our understandings.  We simply need to continue our search with some version of a change in direction.

If only a small fraction of the people who have read the book by David Pelzner, “A Child Called “It”” are still feeling lost for an explanation of why they or someone they know are so “messed up,” the book you now hold in your hands has “more of the story” to tell you.  And I will tell you why.

In the opening chapters of his book, Pelzner says of his life before the age of five years old:

“In the years before I was abused, my family was the “Brady Bunch of the 1960s.  My two brothers and I were blessed with the perfect parents.  Our every whim was fulfilled with love and care. (p. 17)”

Those two sentences alone are enough for me to clearly make my point.  But just to embellish a bit further, let me tell you that Pelzner continues with his flowery descriptions of his mother’s prowess as a caregiver “during those good years” (p. 21) when “everyday seemed sprinkled with magic (p. 26).”

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