*Grandmother’s 3-31-1964 Letter to Mother (after quake)


letter from grandmother to mother

Tuesday 5 P.M. March 31, 1964

Darling Mildred:

Never had any letter come through so fast!!

What a relief to get your precious note, bringing best news in world.  Received in afternoon (2:45) mail.  Mailman honked horn to let me know there was a letter from you.  I ran.

Sweet of you to rush word right away.  I was frantic with fear and worry about you all.

Seems like a miracle that you and Bill got over the road to Eagle River.  Terrible experience – you must have suffered as you rode to the children.  Wouldn’t it happen the one time you stayed in town.

Will be looki9ng forward to details about Eagle River.  Paper full of Anchorage news, Seward, Kodiak etc.  Am saving pictures and stories to send now that I know mail goes through!

Miracle that Electric Light Plant and Jamesway and all are intact.  And you could get up to Homestead too – and be warm.

Oh, Mil, you see how much better off you were in the mountains than at Turnagin or in the apartments downtown!  Saw all about them and Air Base and Hotel etc. in papers.

Will write to-night again – no time now if this is going out in 6:30 mail!!

Like you, Mil, it’s a “quickie” to let you know I have your message – blessed message – that all are well and O.K.

A long list of calls to tell folks to-night you are safe.

Mary Cherry just called to know and urges me to tell you to write your vivid personal experiences and reactions with a “By-line” with you own name.  At onceEveryone will eat it up!  You decide what to do.

But we’ll settle down on the Alaska Book NOW I’m going to take TIME off from interviews to rush my end.

More later.

Now give my LOVE and hugs and kisses and blessings to my dear ones, to you, and to Bill.  I love you all so much!  Lovingly, hastily, Mother.  I thank God for your safety.  I am so glad you went to church Easter!


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