*1963 – August 18 – Letter From Dad to Grandma


letter from dad to grandmother

August 18, 1963

Dear “Mom,”

I am enclosing the check which we promised to send, when you wired the money.  After Mildred left, I got to thinking that she might need to call me for money, and I thought I should hold it for her.  So I did – and she did.  But I’ve been working overtime since she left, and I’ll have the money next payday so go ahead and cash it.

I know that if you hadn’t heard from her you would have called me, and since you haven’t I guess she must have written to you.  You may even have heard more than I have – the mail seems awfully slow coming this way.  The letter I got on Friday was mailed in Whitehorse on the preceding Saturday!

Naturally I’ve been lonely, and worried about them, but it seems as though they’re getting along okay.

I wish I could keep in closer touch with her, but I know when she gets back into the U.S. the mail service will improve.

I don’t know if Mil gave you my office address:  c.o District Engineer, Box 7002, Anchorage.  Drop me a line and let me know how you are, and what you’ve heard.  Love, Bill.

P.S.  You’ll be glad to hear that we got the patent to our homestead last week – 120 acres of it, at least. (smiley face)   B.


Letter can be seen in context here

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