*Age 8 – My Letter to Grandma 7-18-1960

[letter from me (age 8 -) to my grandmother.  Mother added page numbers but did not correct my spelling.  I drew lines to write on – is the first letter I’ve found so far that I wrote though I have found many that my siblings wrote]

July 18, 1960

Dear Grandma,

I hope you are all well now.

Mother got a little puppy.  We named him Tuffy.  That is a funny name for him because whenever anything happends to him he crys.  Tuffy is a cute little puppy. He is round and fluffy.  One night when we were on the way home, Easterleys said there was a black bear in back of the jeep.

A few days ago we saw something on the hill on the road.  I thought it was a moose at first, But it was black and mooses are brown.  It was a black bear.  It was the first bear I ever saw.

Smoky is getting fat.  We think she is going to have puppys.  We are not sure because she has fooled us before.

Yesterday we were at Pollerds.  We saw a robins nest.  One of the boys climbed the tree to see if there were eggs in it.  When he came down he said there was two eggs in it.  We went away and the mother bird came back to the nest.  When we came back the mother bird was still in the nest.  We thought one of the eggs hatched, But we were not sure.  So then one of the boys climbed up the tree again.  Then the next had three eggs in it.  The mother must have had another egg.

Daddy was helping Pullen with his clearing yesterday.  When they were finished they planted it.  Now they are all finished clearing and planting.

I will write you again soon.

Truly yours, Linda L.

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