*Grandmother’s 3-28-1964 Letter to Mother the Day After the Great Earthquake (she knows nothing)


letter from grandmother to mother

Saturday March 28, 1964

[written at top margin of first page]

Would enclose a bill – but expect the mails will be queer for awhile.  Don’t want to take chance on losing $$.  Oh, Mil, PLEASE send word through Red Cross, if no other way.  Love, Love to all.

Darling Mildred:

I guess I heard about the first news broadcast about the Earthquake and Tidal wave.  I turned on at 9:45 for news and was greeted by words “Earthquake – Anchorage – Alaska –“ From that moment I was glued to radio until 3:15.

“XTRA – News” stuck to it.  Told about it all –

Of course I wept a little to be so far away and worried, but really I was proud of myself.

I’m here in body only today.  My heart and thoughts are up there.

I knew all those places so well, but cared only about Eagle River News!  Anxious for news from you all.  I hope you are safe and sound.  Only your safety matters now.

[next page of letter says “2” but begins right here]

is with you and yours.

I’ve been grateful (so grateful that you are up on the mountain) – I hope that you were all home together.  I tried to hold to that thought.

I hope your electric-plant survived to keep you warm!  They said it was 6 below.

I keep trying to think of good things.  I pray Bill was already home:  that you were all together!  I pray you hadn’t gone shopping.

[see also:  *Age 12 – My Story of the Great Alaskan Earthquake March 27, 1964 and My Menarche and *Mother’s Story of the 1964 Quake]

You can see how my mind whirls around.  So – I have registered with the Red Cross – giving your name and address etc. – as suggested over the radio.  I know you’ll get message when, and if you can but I’ll leave no stone unturned to get news.  I’m calm and not foolish, Mil, so don’t worry about me!  I just wish I were with you now – so I could help in some way.  I could, you know!  This is it – I want to go up when I can.  If you need me NOW say so!! – or before April is over –

I’ve been alone with it all.  C and C – left yesterday A.M. (with that couple I do not like) – They went to Escondido for week-end.  Will return to-morrow.  They’d be useless – who can say what I want to hear?

But, Mil, people have called and called this morning to know how you are making it.  I appreciated those calls.  Even Mrs. Kennedy called from Santa Barbara, Mil.  First time I’ve heard since her letter about the wedding.  Also, Miss Darch.  Everyone loves you.  Everyone knows how I love you all!

Words are useless at this moment.  Just wanted you to know I’m waiting, loving, and praying.

People have all offered to go to market – even – knowing I would not want to be away from ‘phone.  I won’t leave until I get news, either.  I need nothing – just good news –

I pray that trudging up that mountain-side – all these years – by you all – will now be rewarding.

May God send his Angels to protect you all.  My love and heart goes to all.  I hope Bill was with you and all were together – All my love – Mother


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