*Grandmother’s 7-12-1960 (2nd) Letter to Mother

letter from grandmother to mother

10:30 P.M. July 12, 1960

Dear Mildred:

To-morrow will be a hectic day, trying to catch up with my work to make up for the two days in court.  Am I glad to be rid of that case.  I will get enough out of it to clear up my hospital indebtedness to Charlie.  That will be a load off!  So now I’ll be able to breathe again, if I can begin to catch up with work.  But I feel ambitious once more.  I swear that your two letters helped.  It is good to have you happy on the hill and to have a vision of what you want to accomplish.  You have accomplished so much.  Now you must get planted somehow!  I’ll hold my own celebration here when the crops are in and all the requirements are met.  Has the tractor been fixed?  You must not send me any payments until the cars are fixed and crops are in.

That’s why it may be wisest to have the apartment in town where Bill and children can walk back and forth.  Mil I have an army cot and a nice roll-a-way cot with mattress for the apartment in the fall!  And I have desks, mahogany stained – that were unpainted.  Would it be worth it to ship any of it to you?  I suppose note.

I haven’t felt strong enough to tackle the selling yet.  The week-end after this I should do it.  So, if you want those items write right back.

Didn’t get out of court until 5 o’clock so couldn’t get off the pictures or old letters.  Want to take them personally to Post Office!

Don’t know how you manage to keep order under circumstances – or to find anything.

You must prepare for WARMTH for winter NOW.  I have at least 4 extra blankets.  Shall I send by BOAT?  I can’t use so many.  I want you warm.  Then you’ll have enough both places – apartment and Hill-Top House!

Your turn for a nice house will come.  Mrs. Pullen is so right, Mildred.  When girls get to Junior High School they must not be ashamed of the home.  It can be simple – but a house not a hut!  Heaven forbid.  It is all right now, but not in two more years, Mil.  But to win the property is your first important victory!

It’s not to keep up with the Jones but to have a nice way of life like Mrs. Crocket’s home on the hill.  It will come.

Tell me about the tractor and the clearing.  I’ll send back $50 somehow if it is holding you up.  Somehow we must pull together on this last lap of yours!  Please God it will come out right.  Don’t tell or let children tell, but work on the book.  Serials answering the questions those people from California asked you will build a better home than Pullens.  Get going.  Each day [can’t read word] regardless!  Oh Mil, this last two letters had your old ‘writing swing’ to them.  Good!

Love learning about the dogs, goat, and bunnies.  Glad for the out-house.  Imagine that!

….Mildred don’t talk about cold winds yet.  It’s only middle of July!  You have time yet.  Must get the stove and hut etc.  How I wish you could have a small warm cabin at least on week-ends.

Like Mrs. Pullen?  Glad those others went off somewhere else.

C and C loved it up there – and Carolyn sees what it means to go up the mountain road for miles and miles – on a road even better than yours was.  Let’s be thankful for the road this year too!

I saw enough of the fight for the mercenary material possessions today in that court case!  She ended up doing well for herself and so did he – but how they haggled over it.  She got 325 alimony to run house — $150 a month for boy in college, $100 for girl in Jr. H.S.  She got the house (worth 33,000 – plus furniture…….)  20 years of marriage and she was sore and dissatisfied!  She is 50 years old now.  She was after ever nickel.  It won’t bring her happiness within herself either.  I’m sorry for her though because she has always worked with him in the office as well as at home trying to build for financial security.

I learned again that money in the bank to rely on in case of emergency is best of all…..

You and Bill have been wonders.  Very few young people would or could do what you have done.  And never forget those darling children – even little Sharon – have helped and earned their [can’t read word] of it all.  I pray for your rewards in love and happiness there.  Glad Pullens will be there – and people like them.

Dead tired to-night.  Will mail your letter back to you.  Dearest love to all – MOTHER —

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