*122809 Zane reading – relocation – Alaska

122809 zane’s reading, relocation Alaska

Hi, Linda,

So if I’m reading your email correctly, you want to know about moving to Anchorage?

You could do a lot worse.

Without going into too much detail here:

Saturn moves far down in your 1st house, far from the Ascendant, so puts much less a Saturnian weight on your shoulders…..has much less impact on coloring your world
Venus, on the other hand, is conjunct the Ascendant rather closely, making  Venus  the  largest
influence on how you see the immediate world.  With Venus sextile Uranus, but Uranus much less angular, you would feel much more free to enjoy yourself, and feel much better about yourself.
While the Sun is still in the 12th, it is only a little over 5 degrees from the Ascendant, and it’s energy can at least in part manifest through its conjunction with Venus, so you would be more comfortable being yourself there.
Neptune moves out of your first completely, which should enable you to see your immediate world more clearly.  However, Neptune moves into the 2nd house, which  can indicate
that there are dangers of being a bit unrealistic about finances.  On the other hand, you could find that Neptunian things…..fantasies, dreams, spirituality, metaphysics, imagination, or even more mundane things like liquids, alcohol, films, music, can be a source of income for you there.  With your Jupiter opposition Neptune, you will need to be careful not to get into
financial battles with others, and you must choose with great care anyone you choose to have financial dealings with.
Your Moon and Pluto moving into the 12th would indicate that, on the one hand, you will absolutely need times to be completely on your own in Anchorage, but on the other hand, that you can do some of  your greatest work alone digging deep below the surface searching for truths.
Gemini on the 10th, Mercury in the 12th, you could teach others or work with others in an institutional setting, or a medical facility, or even a prison; any place behind closed doors, or where it is not important that the world at large pays attention to what you are doing.
With Chiron in the 4th there, you will feel a connection to humanity, feel the need to be doing something that helps others.  Negatively, though, it does give a deep fear of failure, so you need to be careful not to let it keep you from doing things you should be doing.

In any event, did that answer your question at all?  If not, please clarify what you are asking.

Best wishes,


At 07:57 PM 12/14/2009, you wrote:

Hello Zane — and hope you are well!

If I may ask a very quick question of you regarding this report — I went back to Alaska last summer — I miss it, I always have

I have zero idea what ‘west of Chiron’ might mean re my relocation — at my age, I doubt I will want to relocate east from where I am, and even though I cannot currently afford it, I think a lot about ‘going home’ someday — I grew up outside of Anchorage where my parents homesteaded — 2 brothers still in Anchorage

Anything you might have time to mention back to me on my chart re:  returning there to live in future?

thank you very much, Linda


010210 clarification from Zane

The world will pay attention to your work (Gemini on the tenth), but not pay public attention to the person who does the work (Mercury in the 12th)

Let’s take for example an author with Gemini on the 10th.  The world reads the words of the writer, sees the writer as a communicator.
If the author, though, has Mercury in the 12th, the world at large doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the writer as a person, doesn’t get to know  the author personally.  The author does some of her best writing away from the crowds, away from the public, but the public loves what she writes.

If the author had Mercury in the 10th rather than the 12th, she would be constantly called upon by the world at large to talk about her ideas; go on talk shows, perhaps; interviewed for magazines.  The world would pay  lot of attention to who she was, where she got her ideas.

You wouldn’t be locking Chiron behind closed doors with it in the 4th……it would actually be more prominent there than in the 3rd because it is angular, and that strengthens it.  It would also be more a foundation of your existence there.  Some people with Chiron in the 4th do healing in the home, but that is not required.  What does happen is the ability to help others is enhanced because one feels a connection, a common ground, with all of humanity.  Do you know the song “Everybody Hurts” by REM?  I expect it was written by someone with Chiron in the 4th.  “Everybody hurts. You are not alone.”

You don’t need to pay me anything additional, unless you want me to go into a lot more detail.



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