+ 11-21-1962 Letter from Mother – Her Father’s Will


This is a letter my mother sent to her mother that concerns the death of my mother’s father and his will —


postmarked November 21, 1962



— Just got back from Anchorage – left here at 6:00 A.M. and spent day with David at Bill’s room where ironed etc.

Just read your letter – by now, you’ve received my note telling you I received fund.

Mother – forget it.  I trust Howard explicitly.  Leave it alone!  Now, I mean it.

**  My father left us out of the will!!  Entirely – [grandmother sent returned the letter with the word “purposely” written in here]

Howard sent me $2,5000 from C and C’s bank account and he never had to.  It’s actually his $.  He can change the will and I wouldn’t want to.  [Linda note:  Sounds like her father left money to mother’s brother but not to her – interesting]

I’m pleased but it’s going to help but haven’t decided yet how – none of it will be frivolously spent.  $500 already paid lumber bill.

Will write later but don’t fuss with lawyer etc.  Howard will get mad and that will end that.  He said, in a certain way he may send more, don’t spoil it.

Mother he means well.  He was generous and kind to send it.

Forget the past – please.

Thanks anyways.  I’ll send your letter concerning alimony to Howard and the $ is yours.

Love, Mildred


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