Sunday, November 19, 2017.  I am missing those days, those years when I was free to study and write – nothing seems so clear anymore.  Time standing still so catching up can occur?  Information, research, change = all moving forward SO FAST for our entire species!

Which reminds me – as long as I have set myself to write SOMETHING over here today – I might as well quickly post the link to a 51 minute film (recently released in Haifa) that contains some paradigm-shifting concepts – no matter what a watcher’s personal spiritual beliefs might be:  http://www.bahai.org/light-to-the-world/

We are all involved in a predestined shift as the fulfillment of the evolution of our species toward a world that will be safe and secure for all of us.  Putting one’s personal healing work into this global perspective diminishes nothing from the importance of continuing toward personal involvements in healing within our homes, neighborhoods and wider communities.

On a singular thought kind of level, I wanted to mention the importance of including the concept of SAFETY along with SECURITY when we are thinking/talking about attachment.

I think it is too easy for an approach such as “Are you feeling insecure right now?” when talking with someone who has a very traumatic early life history.  Those most troubling early developmental patterns are tied to a lack of SAFETY in the world, and it is that lack of SAFETY that LEADS to the feeling state of INSECURITY.

Connected, I suspect, and not to be broken apart from one another simply because limitations at least in the language of English prevent a single word from actually covering both states of existence.

More later……………..

(I probably won’t actually READ any of this information – but this is the direction my thoughts are leaning toward = an online search of “martin teicher research” –)

I am too “perched in the world” right now to do much more than work on creating a Christmas sales small craft item inventory hoping to add to my slowly accumulating fund of cash that might let me finally – by spring — complete my move “home” to the high Arizona desert I love.  I have 170 miles left to travel – with my STUFF (if possible).

I am living at a pit stop, a way station – for good reasons on many levels, I am sure.  But I won’t mind at all — if the wind soon shifts — after winter — and….