2 thoughts on “*TRAUMA STUDIES

  1. Please please call the national domestic abuse and violence hotline today 1−800−799−SAFE(7233). Please let them help you and do what they tell you-which will include moving you(and your children) away to a safe place where NO one will know your whereabouts. You have to get a restraining order in place immediatley. That is not enough unfortunatley. You have to relocate and get everyone away from this abuser. He can /and WILL kill you /and or your children, if you choose to stay with such a perpatrator.. Please listen to me, and take this seriously what I tell you. You are worth it, and so are your kids. They will be able to get a court order to keep him from his children after what he did to you. I can only tell you that there is more than meets the eye. YOU never wanted to be with anyone like that, We repeat the traumas of our own childhood. Once you get into the SAFE network, you can begin to heal both your/and your children s lives. God bless you a million times over. You reached out for help here, now take the next step.

  2. Well hello people my name is called lonely soul…:( a few years back i have been traumatized by my x boyfriend whom has to be my kids father…One day i’m alone in the house my kids were over a friends house THANK GOD because that day he came home u see at the time he was living with me..:( as i was saying he walked through the door and i was in the kitchen cooking early so that the kids can come home and eat…he walked past me and went to the bedroom to hand his coat when he appeared in the kitchen he gave me this stared as if he hated me he walked over to me and said have a seat i wanna talk to u i refused but he pulled out the gun and pointed it at my head then he held me there and looked me in face and told me did u ever hear about this game called RUSHING ROULETTE i said yes why?..:( he told me to sit down this is what we gonna do i’m gonna put one bullet in the chamber and i’m gonna take out the rest of the bullets i refused he told me if u move i’ll fu**en kill u so i sat there and started crying uncontrollably he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger then he opened the gun and looked inside the chamber looked at me and said damn i was lucky then he smiled..:( he told me that he had took all the bullets out after that…then i felt a little at ease but then he said your turn i asked him to please don’t play this game he acted as if i wasn’t really there with him he pointed the gun at my head and then he pulled the trigger…:( knowing how afraid i was its almost as if he got off on my reaction after he apologized he stood up looked inside the chamber and pulled out the bullet he looked at me and said oh shit we were both lucky…:( after that i felt so sick to my stomach…how can i end an abusive relationship like that? he told me IF U EVER LEAVE ME BITCH I’LL fu**en KILL U…:) and here i am today afraid to leave him 7-30-2011 please help me end an abusive relationship and possible sexual assault abuser….:(

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