*Grandmother’s 3-29-1964 Letter to Mother After Earthquake (still hasn’t heard from us)


letter from grandmother to all of us

Sunday noon – Easter – March 29, 1964

[note in top page margin]

Everyone says – don’t put money in letter, But I’ll take a chance on this $5.00 to see if you get it.  Would send more if necessary but am saving.  Love and kisses to all –

Darling Folks:

If I could only TALK to you by telephone!  If I could only KNOW you are all safe and sound!

I try to be brave but I’m slipping a little bit today.  If I were only there to do something for you all, or for some one!  I really could be helpful – IF I were there.  But, I’m NOT.

So I am glued to my radio – which is a blessing.  I won’t even go out for a paper.  The Cherrys are going to bring some – but what I hear on radio is always more recent, I know.

I am content to know that Bill and you will contact me as soon as possible – by ‘phone or somehow.

Shall I send food or supplies?

I’ve made up my mind that I want to go up as soon as possible, Mil.  Now I want to soon – – – I saved my sanity by cleaning the kitchen – the drawers – the closets etc. etc. as I listened to the radio.  Then I realized I was getting the old place ready to hop a plane any time you need me!  Better than sitting with hands folded, I guess.

Shall I send $25 ala Western Union for food and supplies?  Silly I guess banks must be open.  But I hear what an awful devastation went on in downtown Anchorage.

My prayer has been that Bill had reached home and you were all together!

Imagine how I feel when I don’t even know THAT.

How they tell just a few lines today, saying heavy quakes all last night and to-day, but that’s all – no more details.  They say there were snow slides in the mountains and I worry.  Then I snap back and thank my stars that you all are on high ground.  So then I go around and around.

I’ll try to be good and sensible.  But tell me what you want me to do from here – dear ones.  I always knew I loved you heaps and heaps – but never knew how much until now!

I pray you all were safe on your little hill – But you must have seen the fire and flood from the hill.  Oh, Mil dear.

Never mind any $$ losses.  Be glad you hadn’t just drilled a well, or put in a cesspool.  Bill can build a house with a cellar now, if you wish.

Too bad you had no insurance.  Announced on radio this noon that all insurance companies will pay home losses etc.  Hope the cars are insured at least.

No use raving when I do not know what’s what.  Jut let me hear and tell me what to do.  I’ll do my best to do it.

Everyone has been so sympathetic and anxious over you and for me.  I had seventeen calls yesterday – Mil – People wanted me to go out for drives to-day.  I said “No” – I stay home, please, near my ‘phone.  Just at a time like this I want to be alone thinking of you all – and praying for your safety and health.  Oh, Mil I hope you put in that extra supply of drinking water, I worried over, hoping it would survive anything like this – or [can’t read two words – looks like she’s upset by her handwriting here]

Awful, awful experience for you all.

Joan Hunter Pudvan [mother’s first cousin] called from Ohio yesterday, Mil.  She said she could think of nothing else but you – so called.  Sent her love.  I’ll let her know when I know how things are with you!

She had a baby girl March 1st but said she hadn’t sent out any cards because the boy was ill with flu and bad ear and in hospital week before she was there – and then while she was there with baby.  Said things had straightened out but had been hectic.

She says they are getting out of there this year!!  He has applied for commission in Air Force.  (Didn’t say why.)  Must have a year’s training (perhaps at Sacramento) if he’s accepted.  Then, he would be assigned somewhere.

Don’t know why – said she’d be glad to get out of there – but you know long-distance calls.  She said no more –

Anyhow, honey, you have loving messages and thoughts from everywhere going your way – along with MIND.

Keep me informed.  I have nothing to say – but “Hi, keep your courage.”  We can be thankful to survive and to begin again.

Now what did the expensive houses at Turnigain [can’t read word] for?  At least you have you [sic] land – and love and hope health for all.  It’s so cold.  Be careful, Mildred.  Love, Mom


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