*Grandmother’s 12-14-1959 Letter to Mother

Monday, December 14, 1959

Letter from grandmother to mother

Dear Mildred:

How did the week-end go!  Your last letter telling me all about the double-triple layers of clothing and yet feeling cold – made me shudder.  Pile the clothes on, pile them on everybody!  I have visions of that snow and icicles on top of the roof.  But it’s clean snow anyhow.

You ought to see this place to-day.  It looked as clean and nice Saturday after the gardener cut and swept.  But early A.M. yesterday and Saturday night the wind came in a gale.  It cleared the excess, but what a mess of branches, twigs and debris after the week-end.  It’s cold and clear and nice now.  I didn’t dare “think” I was cold, after getting your letter.

Oh, honey, stay inside when Bill isn’t there.  At least do not venture far from the Hut.  Please?  Charlie and I were talking about your worry when expecting Bill and he didn’t come.  He said you can get “walkee-talkee” arrangements and buy batteries to be connected with the new radio – from you to him for at least 3 miles distance.  He could talk to you from the bottom of the mountain if he couldn’t get up because of ice or because of car trouble. Investigate it.  Can I get it here or can you?  Ask Bill.  What a relief it would be for you!  It’s not knowing that is hard.  Also rig one up with Mrs. Thomas, Mildred!  Just that feeling you can call for help or say “Hi” when you want to!

Will return your precious letters to-morrow.  Couldn’t let the “plan of the hut etc.” go until I had shown it to C and C.  Went down Saturday for supper before he left for Florida.  Read your letter and showed the plans to him.  He knows how courageous you are but hopes and hopes it’s not going to be too much for you and all these next two months.  I’ll pray hard and you too.

Sent off all packages Air Mail Friday.  Don’t scold me.  I wanted to be sure it all arrived on time.  I’ll never get over the time that John’s things failed to reach him until after Xmas.  I’ll be good and save every penny from now on – But this is MY SPREE once a year.  I never go to Movies or have TV.  Instead I let go at X-mas.  All my love goes with the things.  This is when I wish I had money to spend.

So what? ….[east coast family news] …No more now – just a note.  Have to eat as have an evening appointment.  Money is tight here – Business is quiet but all I can manage alone.  These are times I’m glad I do not have any employees.

Charlie will be gone until Friday.  I’ll go down there to sleep.  Everyone has recovered from colds as I wouldn’t.  Caroline says I need not, but I’d just as soon this week after work.  She is better and now trying to get off her bundle to Alaska.  Everything was ready, but not mailed.  She looks a wreck.  Please be careful of yourself and yours.

Insured the packages.  Hope they are acceptable.  If not right sizes – ship back.  Finishing John’s sock and the thumbs on mittens.

Love your letters and you.  Spent all day yesterday (10-4) [Linda note:  She must mean 12-4] in L.A. at Bert’s lecture.  That’s why couldn’t write my Sunday letter.  Sending messages every day!  Love the way you arranged table and book cases etc.  You need it nearer town – or have a helicopter.  Dying to get notes in typed order for you.  [never happened!]

Love again to a brave wonderful girl from Her Mother.

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