*1963 – August 23 – Dad’s Letter to Mother


dad’s letter to mother (this is a faded carbon of the original, hard to read!)

August 23, 1963

Dearest Mildred,

I’ve been trying to make some sense out of the confusion of our letters and telegrams.  As near as I can tell, you sent me a nite-letter last Friday or Saturday.  Then you wrote me a letter, and sent the scratch paper on which you figured out what to put in the nite-letter.  This I got on Monday morning, but it didn’t say anything about me wiring you.  Then Monday nite when I got back to the room there was a note to call the telegraph office.  This I did, and then sent my answer.  From your later letters, I gather that you expected my answer either Sunday or Monday morning, and were waiting to leave Edmonton on Monday morning – so if you waited for it you must have wasted another day there.  I thought you would be past Calgary by the time my letter would get there, so I sent it to Great Falls.  I haven’t decided yet where to send this – I’ll wait and see if I get a letter this morning.

As I said before, I’ve been working every nite since you left.  But yesterday we finally got the Rampart report printed, and put in the mail today.  Now there’ll be a lull of a month or so, until we get it back with comments, and then we can start revising it.

Giles MacDonald, a man who works here in the office, has been waiting for two weeks to go sheep hunting with me.  Since I don’t have to work this week-end, we’ll leave tonite after work. Spend tonite at homestead, go hunting tomorrow.

Just got two big postcards from Lloydminister. J  You’re really having a scenic tour of Canada, but fun!  I’ll send this letter and two copies to Billings, Cheyenne, and Denver like you said.  I’ll try to get my pay check on Monday, certainly get it Tuesday, and send money to Denver.  I won’t be able to send as much as before, though, since some of the bills have to be paid this time and I sent $100 to BHC [grandma].

We got a letter from your Uncle some time ago.  All he said was that by research in the phone books in the library he had found C’s address, and that was all.

Today received baby announcement from Betty and Barney Power – another boy.

Have been trying to get an appraiser to look at homestead, as first step in getting loan.  Probably go up there with him Tuesday or Wed.

I’ve been so lonely for you, my Sweetheart, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  I love you with all my hear, Mil, I’ll love you always.  Take care of yourself, and give my love to all the children.  Glad to hear David has gotten used to travelling [sic].  Love, Bill


Letter in context here: *1963 – Mother’s Letters

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