060609 transcribed

[In mother’s handwriting, who knows where she came across this.   It was written for the marriage of her parents, Charles (Thomas?) Cahill and Anne Beatrice (Hunter) Cahill]

Charlie and Beatrice

Married June 15, 1919, Dorchester , Mass.

So now, my dear children

You are married at last

I trust no misfortune

Your future will blast.

A little advice

I will venture to give

As to how to stay happy

As long as you live

How little Dan Cupid

Only lives where there’s smiles

So if you get cross

He will fly off for miles

And he’ll stay til the sunshine

Has drunk up the rain

So just always be sweethearts

I must make this quite plain

If Charles is fretful

Little Beatrice must be sweet

And soon in repentance

He’ll fall at her feet

Or if he comes home

And finds Beatrice is a pet

He must do naught to bother

Or cause her to fret

Just put on an apron

And get busy around

And kiss her and love her

And she’ll smile, I’ll be found

And now as to money

There is much I would say

If she works and is faithful

Ought she not have some pay

To be sure you get wages

But she’s done her part

She works at home

While you work in the Mart

But her work is worth money

And it fills up her time

So divide up the wages

And make life sublime

And now you must be happy

Even merry and gay

And I hope this advice

Will help make you that way

For though I’m an old woman

And have been through the mill

We have always been happy

And Dan Cupid reigns still

Don’t ever be cross

Or a crank or unkind

And don’t look for faults

For you know Cupid is blind

So now I will leave you

To Cupid and bliss

And if things ever go wrong

Just you read up on this


Cupid’s expert assistant –

L. G. Worley, Odessa, MO – 6-23-19

[Linda note:  We have no idea who this person was]

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