*011610 Zane reading – Cindy and Linda work together?

Zane reading January 16,2010


Linda has a lot to teach others.  With a stationary Chiron in the house of communication, in the sign of teaching, she can have a great impact putting into words what she’s learned after going through her own personal issues.  Her third house cusp is Sagittarius, so we need to consider Jupiter as the ruler of her words, her communication.  And her ninth house cusp is Gemini, so Mercury is the ruler of her higher mind, how she interprets what life has shown her and how she can find ways to communicate the meaning of events to other people. Her Mercury is strong, close to the Sun, but with both in the 12th house, she often has a blind spot about her own mind and mental abilities, only having a glimmering of just how much ability she has.   In addition, Linda is a very creative person with all the Leo energy (Moon, Mars, Pluto, Vesta), with the Sun (as mentioned) in the 12th, so she is much more creative than she gives herself credit for.

Cindy is a very sensitive and caring person with a strong nurturing bent.  With her Mercury in Leo, she speaks her mind, which can be a great asset when she is speaking to someone who needs advice or guidance, and she is honest and upfront with her thoughts.  She is also capable of inspiring others with her words, especially if she feels enthusiastic about something.  Her Mercury was stationary at birth, so she has a strong mind, and can stick to one thing mentally come hell or high water.  This is good, because with all of her strong Cancerian influence (Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus), her emotional nature can change and shift from one moment to the next.   She places a high value on communication with her Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, and truly appreciates the importance of conveying meaningful thoughts rather than just words.

Cindy, like Linda, has a strong Chiron, but for different reasons.  In Cindy’s case, it is strong because it is almost exactly conjunct her 4th house cusp (showing a deep woundedness that affected the very foundations of her being), and a close opposition to her Cancer planets with the aspect to her Sun almost exact (among other things, this shows an acute awareness of pains brought about through interactions with male role models in her life, most probably her father foremost).  In any event, Chiron in this place gives her a feeling of common bond with all the hurt people she comes in contact with, as well as those she only hears about.    She is connected to the wounded, and can thus understand how they feel….sometimes even better than her understanding of her own feelings.

Cindy and Linda have the same Rising Sign, Libra.  That means that each is able to identify with the way the other looks at the world around them.  Each is seeking to find peace, balance, harmony in the world.   While they are in the same sign, the degrees are far apart, putting Cindy’s Rising Sign in a different decanate than Linda’s, which shows that the two do not have an IDENTICAL perception of the world.  They are close enough so Cindy can put herself into Linda’s shoes when necessary, and visa versa.  A similar perspective means that Cindy can ‘get’ whatever it is that Linda sees that she feels needs written about.  But because they are in different decanates, there is enough distance that Cindy can bring a little objectivity to Linda….something she needs because of her blind spot (mentioned previously.)

They both have Saturn close to the Ascendant, which shows they have long shared a similar doubt about their own self-worth, each living with a hard taskmaster inside their own heads  (“you should do this”, “you shouldn’t do that”, “you need to appear more…….”), with a fear of being ridiculed for making the wrong choice,  so this further adds to their ability to identify, and empathize, with each other.

Linda has a chart full of strong Earth and Fire signs.  That’s a great combinations for building something real, something solid.  Fire gives Linda spirit and creativity, while Earth gives her the ability to put something into real-life terms, to give a kind of grounding to what she does.  Linda does have some  Air…Saturn, Neptune, and the Ascendant….but it’s not always easy for her to tap their essence in order to truly communicate what is inside her; and Linda’s chart is almost devoid of Water signs, showing that it’s not always easy for her to be clear about her own emotions, and she’s not at her best in feeling the depth of feeling others experience, or communicating in such a way as to stir the feelings of others.

Cindy has a chart that is totally devoid of Earth signs.  She not tied to the earth, as it were.  But she makes up for it with an abundance of Water, showing she is extremely sensitive, full of emotions and feelings, and can understand how other people feel, as well as how to reach them emotionally.  This, and the fact that the asteroid Ceres is also in Cancer, makes her an excellent nurturer, which she can use to help Linda.  Cindy also has her Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, giving her a more flowing quality with her communication abilities, and gives her the ability to help others communicate by drawing them out (Venus) and helping them to expand upon the ideas they already have (Jupiter.)

In their composite chart, the Sun is in Leo in the 5th house, the natural house of creativity; in Leo in that house are Mercury, Venus and Pluto.  Together, the two have a lot of creative energy, and a strong desire to express themselves.  However, the Leo energy is the fulcrum of a T-square:  Mars is in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus, both square the Leo planets.  This means that there can be some frustrations, some blocked energies alternating with going overboard…in other words, the course of their creative interaction would not necessarily be smooth.  The key to a T-square is how people handle the fourth point, the empty sign, which in this case is Aquarius in the composite eleventh.  This shows that if the two direct their joint creative energy towards something larger than themselves, such as assisting a group of people, or assisting humanity, then they can focus the T-square as long as it takes to accomplish joint creative goals.

Cindy’s Mercury is semi-sextile to Linda’s Mercury.  The two of you have minds that are different from each other, but the differences are complimentary.  Think of the way an artist uses complimentary colors to bring out the best in both colors.  For example, blue and yellow are completely different, but put next to each other, they bring each other out.  Cindy can assist Linda by helping her come up with variations on a theme, as well as aspects on a subject she may have missed.  And Cindy can assist Linda in clarifying her thoughts, helping her to see more clearly what she is trying to say.

Saturn in Cindy’s chart has a minor aspect relationship to Linda’s Mercury called a semisquare.  This can have both positive and negative impact.   Positively, you share a mutual respect for each other and are willing to work towards sound communication. But Cindy at times will need to watch a tendency to be too critical, which can impact on Linda’s self-esteem.  The semisquare is an aspect of friction, and as we all know, a little friction is often necessary to heat something.  Cindy has the ability to give little pushes stirring Linda to figure something out, or pushing her to continue when she may be feeling blocked, as well as pushing her to fix something that needs to be corrected.  But this is an ongoing aspect, and as we also know too much friction can chafe, so Cindy needs to be careful not to be too pushy, nor too critical, for then this aspect will begin to chafe.

The two of you have Jupiter sextile Jupiter.  Your belief systems support each other, so there is mutual encouragement, each of you expanding the other’s optimism or perspectives.  There is a compatibility in your personal philosophies which enable Cindy and Linda to gather information for each other, as well as to enable each to expand on the ideas of the other.  Basically, then, Cindy encourages Linda, feels confidence in her which can be contagious, which can lead to Linda being even more inspired to continue her work.

Cindy’s Jupiter also falls in Linda’s ninth house, which is the house of advertising and publishing.  She can help Linda in promoting what she is doing, getting it to the attention of the right people.  In addition, since Jupiter expands wherever it falls, Cindy encourages Linda to see things from a broader perspective, giving her work even more meaning.

Cindy’s Sun and Moon both fall in Linda’s tenth house, so she takes a great interest in what Linda is doing, and helps Linda stay on target….helps her keep her focus.  Cindy can at times be over protective in this situation, but wants to help Linda achieve her goals almost as much as Linda herself wants to.

Cindy’s Moon squares Linda’s Jupiter.   This is a mixed good and bad aspect because it can at times be too much of a good thing.  Cindy feels that Linda expands her horizons, Linda knows that Cindy appreciates her, and there is a feeling that together the two of you can accomplish almost anything.  But along with the positive feeling comes the danger of getting carried away together….ideas becoming too grandiose, perhaps; or taking on way too much at a time; or expecting to accomplish much more than is reasonable.  Basically, as long as the two of you make a point of some restraint…..of keeping a check on your ideas so you don’t get carried away….this is a positive connection.   Just be wary because this aspect can cause small emotions to be blown up out of proportion.   Cindy can at times come on too caring with this aspect, making Linda feel like rebelling a bit and shouting “I don’t need to be taken care of!”

Cindy’s Mars is also in Linda’s tenth house, and this means Cindy is great at pushing Linda, stimulating her to do more, to keep going.  The trouble with Mars is that it can be too pushy, too demanding.  Since Cindy’s Mars is in Cancer, the pushiness is out of love, and caring, but Linda can at times feel that Cindy is pushing too much, is too demanding.

The other side of this is that Linda’s Mars is almost exactly conjunct Cindy’s Mercury.  Cindy and Linda are stimulated by each other’s company, enjoying lively conversations and energetic activities.  This combination of the planets Mercury and Mars is ideal for any working association, which requires co-operation and drive in order to complete a challenging project.  Because the aspect is so close, the association will not be a one-way street.

Cindy is challenged to use her wits in this relationship, stirred to think, and her mind will be moving at full speed.  For Cindy, being a part of this will make her feel more alive.    And Linda’s energy, her reactions to what Cindy says, helps Cindy to clarify her thoughts, to make her see things much more clearly in her own life.

Linda will profit greatly from Cindy’s intellectual input, which will help Linda to achieve her goals.  Cindy will communicate with Linda in such a way that Linda feels all the more motivated to attack her tasks.

A warning, although not really about anything bad.  Mercury conjunct Mars also shows that there are bound to be vigorous discussions, perhaps even heated debates, between the two of you, but you both will enjoy the sparring and the mental stimulation that results.

Linda’s Uranus is in conjunction with Cindy’s Moon, which could easily be read as “expect the unexpected.”   There is an element of excitement and adventure when the two of you are working together, and you both enjoy the exploring of new territories together.   Cindy will feel more alive working with Linda, and Linda will feel that Cindy encourages her to be her own unique self…..follow her own path no matter where it takes her.  Linda feels that Cindy gives her the encouragement she needs to go where, perhaps, no one else has gone.  This combination is also ideal for a working project that requires creative and innovative ideas.

Linda’s Saturn trines Cindy’s Venus.  Cindy and Linda take this relationship seriously. They are devoted to each other and make promises that they are both able to keep. Cindy truly loves and respects Linda, and honors what she is trying to do.  It is one of the most positive influences on a partnership formed for the purpose of an artistic or creative project requiring both inspiration and hard work.

Natally, Cindy has Saturn conjunct Neptune squaring her Cancerian planets, and Linda has Neptune around the same place, but nowhere near her Saturn.   A close working relationship will find Cindy’s Saturn also closely connected to Linda’s Neptune.  There are pluses – Cindy can help Linda give shape and structure to even some of her most abstract or undeveloped imaginings; Cindy can help Linda bring some of her dreams into concrete reality.  But Cindy can also bring a bit of stark reality at times where Linda may be fantasizing, or is deluding herself, or in some way is seeing things through rose colored glasses, and it can be very hard on someone when they are forced to realize that some of their treasured illusions are just that, illusions.

Most of the above is pretty positive, and I would say

the answer is yes, that Cindy can be a great help to Linda with this project.

But there are a few cautions above to keep note of.

Looking at Cindy’s progressed chart, I see her Venus has progressed to 7 Leo 25 right now.  This means it is now moving close to her own natal Mercury, showing she is in probably one of the most creative periods of her life.  It also means she is able to work more closely with someone on an intellectual pursuit than at any time in the past, and this will be true for the duration of this progression…. which will last at least through the end of the summer of 2011.  And at the same time, her progressed Venus will of course be contacting Linda’s natal Mars, showing that she Cindy feel very motivated to work closely with Linda during this period as well.

Linda’s progressed Mercury is currently about 14-1/2 degrees Scorpio, in sextile and moving more exact to her natal Mars.  She is feeling an increasing momentum to keep going, she couldn’t stop now even if she wanted to.   And this progressed Mercury is beginning to trine Cindy’s Cancer planets, showing she can currently communicate with Cindy more so than ever.  The first contact, the one that is most active now, is the trine to Cindy’s Moon, which I’m sure had a part in stirring Cindy to want to help with all that she can.  But over the coming months, Linda’s progressed Mercury will move more in trine to Cindy’s Mars, Sun and Uranus as well, showing I think that Cindy will be as completely committed to helping for as long as it takes.

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