+Age 8 – TWO DAYS BEFORE MY 9th BIRTHDAY (mother’s letter)

This comes from a letter my mother wrote to her mother, postdated August 29, 1960 right before we moved from the homestead back to Panoramic View Apartments on Government Hill for my 4th grade when David was born.  (We had lived in those apartments the year I was 7 in 2nd grade).


“Bill got jeep running and left – so will write while girls eat and then I’ll get dressed. I’ve enrolled Sharon in kindergarten.  She’s ready but still is babyish and I guess somewhat spoiled (certainly not by Daddy!)  He’s just the opposite with her he was with Linda.  Critical, never plays with her and how she adores him.  Of course his mind is on other things!!

Well, she’s a living doll – a real lovely!!  And so affectionate and smart!  [Linda note:  See elsewhere where I talk about mother and her ‘living dolls’!  She never knew the difference between a doll and a living child.  She did not have that capacity.]

John to Scouts but he doesn’t do his achievements.  Still lacks 3 for his Bear badge – of course with me sick I’ve given little encouragement to any.

Linda – oh, what can I say?  She’s her own selfish self when it comes to sharing or getting along with others.  Loves to help me and is a help and I tell her so.  She’s very unlike me and lacks the warmth of Cindy and Sharon and must be shown the way inch by inch (but then so does Bill.)  Of course, she’s a smart girl in school – all A’s and loves it.  I can see her as a woman engineer and she’ll never mind leaving her kids with a sitter.  While it would break Cindy’s heart.  She’s a homebody.

Sharon is a darling butterfly and ever so social.  John is still so shy!  Sharon isn’t – she loves other children, people and clothes!!

All so different.  John is O.K. – he is at a growing age and really he’s closer to Bill at this age.  He’s so pleased about baby [she’s expecting David] and hopes still for a brother!!  — after all these years.

He was most understanding while I was sick.  The girls were — ?  He would say “How can you giggle and laugh so loud when Mom is so sick?”  He’s dear!!”


She was such a mean, cruel and hateful mother to me!!  Twisted!

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