*Grandmother’s 4-30-1964 Letter to Mother


letter from grandmother to mother

Friday 10:30 P.M. April 30, 1964

Darling Mildred:

The weeks are flying along – and I’m glad, if I can manage to keep up with my work here.  You know where I want to be.  Of course I want the $$ to go there too – so control I must have.  Also, truly, I am so grateful to be able to have business roll in.  I didn’t dare to send any annual publicity to the Flintridge people either.  I do not wish to get “tied up” too much and too late!  As it is I could tutor and test through July at good rates, but I’m not making promises.  I really dream about leaving the middle of July, if I can.  Would that suit you.  I want you to want me, at the time that suits you and Bill!

And, Mil, when I think of reading to David, and seeing the children again for any time from a week-end to a month – I just thrill at the prospects.

Of course I knew, positively, that when I put down a daily writing schedule for a week – business would rush in.  So – I’ll do as much as I can each week, and let anything ready to write, or to help you type material, if we CAN, if we want to, if the Fates allow it.

I’m so everlastingly grateful to God that you all escaped so miraculously.  Nothing else matters right now!  The rest will come in time.

I haven’t heard, as yet, that Bert’s manuscript arrived – but I know you must have it by now.

I’m going to study and digest it.  I’m going to follow the suggestions.  Those that have done so – do sell.  We need to.  And – I want to help during my stay there so you can file, write and I’ll type if we can work it out.

You know Edna Ferber’s was a “rush job” (they said to make the date line for statehood.  Oh, Mil – I must get there by mid-July, so we’ll have time to work.  Once I know what you want typed etc, I can take it back again.  I know this will be blessed.  These publicity hounds and reporters can’t tell your story.

To-night’s Glendale paper advertises a $1.00 edition of compilations of pictures and stories of the Alaska Quake.  I am ordering two – one for you and one for me.  You probably have seen it, but keep it for the children!

Haven’t mailed other things or booklets or even gone to Pasadena to shop or bank for weeks – “Time” has been too short.  But don’t worry – I’m working hard.

Just loved your last newsy letter about house details and “the neighbors.”

[Linda note:  There doesn’t seem to be any of mother’s letters here – I guess they lost themselves somewhere along the line]

You unlucky dear to have a mother who loves her work and her simple life instead of hunting for another husband – now that she is a widow!! – like Mrs. Pollard’s mother!?

But – I hope she knows what she is doing, Mil!  I think that Mrs. Kennedy has made a “mistake” whether she realizes it herself or not – as yet.  I could tell from conversations over telephone.  He was supposedly to be her “agent.”  Now she tells me the ….. [lists a number of stories about women she knows who have unhappily remarried]

NOW are those enough sad tales to make you feel better or worse?  They are meant to make you realize that “trials and trouble” are all around.  Only health and love of a darling family really bring happiness.

Oh, Mil – if I could earn my living as well anywhere else – or if I’d leave here so fast, so fast.  Though I have built up a good reputation myself –

I’ll call Anne as soon as Mary gets along and my testing cases – I’ll have Anne over.  I told her as soon as income tax problems were over we’d get together.  I promised to call her this week-end.  Mil, Anne is not provoked.  She does not misunderstand.  She is very much involved in some course or something she takes.  She was so very concerned about you, dear!  She just is rushed.  Hadn’t even gotten her own pictures back from someone – She wanted to bring them over.  I’ll have her over next week-end, if she can come!

Glad the girls wrote, Mil.  Things were so muddled for you and so rushed that week-end, and they understood.  [California friends]  They lead such a hum-drum life – they’ll die if you can write your “true adventures” book.  Can you imagine poor Jack and Flora having courage and all to do what you and Bill have done?

Mil, that story about the woman who saved her child pinned under the house – is truly something to think about!  That poor family.  If she doesn’t break down as well as have a broken back – it will be a surprise!

Have you been able to use file yet?

How do you like Bert’s book?

Have you cut out your goods?  I haven’t either – except for one two-piece which is a little large but may shrink.  It looks very well otherwise — and for a little cotton!

Oh Mil I want to “laugh” and “talk” with you.  My work is too serious these days.  People are having such terrible problems – with their youngsters making wrong friends etc. etc. as well as absolutely no interests in school.

Be thankful you are you, and yours are interested in something besides Beattles [sic] and T-V!

No more now.  To bed.  But must do my Bible lesson too before I sleep.  Love to you all – Mother —


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