*Grandmother’s 1-23-1961 Letter to Mother


January 23, 1961

Letter from grandmother to mother

Dear Mildred:

Three cheers, three cheers for you all.  Got the letter saying that the paper had been singed by Pollard.  The dear man!  How my opinion of him can change within a few days when he is cooperating!  I’m as bad as the rest you see.

Now how long before the men go out to inspect?  Then how long before you get the title?

Don’t worry about things you can’t accomplish, of course, but if you had dreamed and pushed you wouldn’t have accomplished your dreams.  It’s there – the land is there for when or for the time when you “can” build.  It’s good land, wonderful land, but it will be better for a “home” for whole year when you have the roads and schools.  You can have it for retirement if you wish, you know, or just plain summer home, can’t you?  What about the people who built around you – the Pullens – do they send children to Eagle River to school and to church.  You know their children look and seem so happy and adjusted in the present school and church — !  Well – time ahead for you and Bill to think about that.

So happy and relieved though.  I’d hate to have anything slip now on getting title.  You don’t have to hurry building.

Also glad to get note that doctor has O.K.’d you!  Very relieved.  Now be good about diet – eat enough of right things.  I was worried when I knew you had trained your budget so tightly that the cupboard was bare.  Oh Mil don’t do that again this month.  I know how tight you’ll be getting payment ready for the hospital.  Don’t see how you have done as much as you have done!

Sorry you all had colds.  Hate to think Cindy gets chest colds.  Sandra does too, but Carolyn should have Sandra’s adenoids out.  She always sounds as if she had a cold and breathes heavily when she gets one.

Told C. about the slip for Linda.  She had changed her mother’s and had trouble because she bought a dress on a sale and sent it.  Size was right, but her mother said it looked awful and sent it back!…..

Haven’t yet mentioned trip in March – but I plan to go and be there for Easter – so snow and storms are waiting for me to get there, perhaps.  Could you manage to squeeze me in a corner?  We’ll mange that if I manage to get money – Damn – income tax in April, but I’ve paid $50 a month on 1959 extra since I got out of hospital and made last payment to-day!  Hurrah on that.  Now I’ll keep right on payments for 1960!  And may have to pay at least ½ maybe all social security in 1961 they allow much better arrangements.  Once I get 1960 straight, it will be fine – I told them I wanted summers free to write – so they said, just concentrate income on other 9 months and relax.  That’s the way they do it, I see.  I’ll learn.  Only thing is I don’t work just for money.  If I did I’d have it easy on about “one case and a half” a week!  I’d have “time to write” but could I?

I’ll try and leave about March 18 – 20th, Mil.  And stay as long as you need me up until April 15th.  That’s a good “in between” time for me.  Everything I do will be entirely dependent upon money – only – like everything anyone else does I guess.  So – one time will be as good as another as long as I get there for “the time.”  Oh honey I’m glad you invited me – and know Bill must be willing or you would not.  So my reports will roll out NOW!

As you look over accounts you’ll see that you are able to pay off old debts because it’s not a rush to get a new part or tire every week.  No chance to “catch up” that way!  I’m really excited and wonder at the dream.  I’m going to get “B-12 shots” so I’ll be STRONG and cold shot preventatives and everything before I go.

Seems queer that your letter of the 18th repeated or stated very conclusions you had drawn that I had sent over air at same time to you.  How often we do that.  It was my feeling of need to get money ahead before you jump again.  I know how “shut in” that apartment makes you feel.  But smile when you know all that’s ahead if you stay longer.  Also you have your wonderful family returning each day and night to make it heaven – anywhere.  Remember “boxed” we were on Craig Ave?  But we laughed it off knowing we’d find a place.  Of course you get tired of four walls!  People get tired of big houses and palaces too, Mil!  When you get to shut in or blue just write to me – I’ll be waiting to hear on the other end!

Don’t begrudge the hospital the money for the important affair.  His majesty deserves the best – don’t worry about price – if it takes care of you and BABY.  They’ll be good to you.  I’ll “will it.”

No more now dear – I want to get to store.  Had to stop once for appointment.  Tell me how “date” fits in with you and choose a date.  There’s testing at Flintridge for entering students on 14th and at Chandler on 18th.  Would like to get some of their refusals but would never reach me until April or May anyhow.  I’ll trust.  I suggested being there “to assist” at Chandler – to give a test.  Want to get in to my spelling tests given places before June – maybe – and work there up in the summer – either Pasadena or Anchorage?

Take care of yourself.  I’ll get “on the ball” as it were.  Weeks fly away – (Good yet rushing makes me wonder if I can do all I want to do.)

Best love to all – always.  Hope all are well.  Don’t go out nights and get a cold now, please.  Bestest – from Mother.


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