*Grandmother’s 8-22-1960 Letter to Mother

letter from grandmother to mother, first one with her new Hampton Road, La Canada, CA address on it

August 22, 1960

Dear Mildred,

How welcome your letters were on Saturday.  Had errands to do downtown, but could not bring myself to leave until after mail arrived – then I was happy all week-end.  Worked on old reports all Saturday Eve and all yesterday.  Was at C’s and hate to work while there, but always seem obliged to do so.  Really am determined there is no profit in the written reports unless very high fee.  Takes 2 whole days to write and to type one – after testing and interviews, so – better spend same time other ways.

Thanks for check.  I won’t forget to “hold it.”  Told you they were “gifts.”  Will put in Post Office account at present in case I need money to go up when “Baby” – is due, or before if you need and want me.  All depends on the way you “feel” as time goes on.  Of course I was hoping you’d have a free year after all that pulling and hauling and climbing last year.  Will be grateful if you have not hurt yourself by it all.  Take the better doctor – the one you have confidence in – or both.  Spare no expense on that.

After 5 years – you need ‘the best’.  Please promise to do no more lifting!  Perhaps the Good Lord knew he had to quiet you to hold you down for several months of rest.  Please do just that.  Rest, rest.  You have earned it.  Keep off your feet, but have regular exercise.  I know you know these things but promise to do them.

When you wrote and said you had thrown your baby things aside – I smiled to myself.  Also, I gave away the high-chair only when I moved!  Oh well, the dear one deserves a fresh layette and he shall have it too.  But what about Alaskan babies.  Furs?  Oh, Mil, I’ll be glad if you remain “down” until Spring!  You can go to church Sundays etc.  Really worked out for the best.  You’ll locate a bigger house when right time comes too.

I would have collapsed if I thought you were going to have to remain on the mountain all winter – ill perhaps, the long dark days.  God is good to you all, Mil.  Trust and pray.  I do for you.  The best of life lies ahead.  You all have come through like wonders.  I know both you and Bill are weary.  Now relax awhile, if you can.  Think of the money that land represents – “If”, “and” “when.”  I was staggered when I figured as you suggested.  It should comfort you now.  It’s when the children are older that you need the $ for them.  Wonderful.  You earned it all!!

[Linda note:  I never, ever, ever had a thought growing up, even when I was 18, that there was any possibility in the universe that they would EVER sell that land!  It broke my heart when I heard they were subdividing – and it wasn’t even my land.]

I am so glad it’s over, though, or the worst of the worry and doubting period.  No wonder they all want to go to see now.  Did Mrs. Bockstahler go up at the end?  Probably too busy.  She is a hard worker.  Her “outlets” keep her going.

Wish you had not sent check right now – when adjusting again.  Let me keep a little reserve – if I can, then.  If you need it before March tell me.  If not perhaps (?) you’ll let me help then.  Believe me only your health is important to me.  Keep up the shots.  Check regularly with doctor.  Take no chances!

Dear family – all “pitching in” to help you.  Even lifting that heavy water can is too much now.  Good to have running water etc. again [in apartment].  Oh Mil you have so much to write about!  Am mailing you this month’s Cosmopolitan Fiction Issue article on Housewives and writing.  I enjoyed it.  You will too.  Also you will enjoy the one I said I would send on the Budget-Man had to have as a “Junior Executive.”

It makes me know why our family likes to operate as individuals – even if get less, I couldn’t take it.  But it represents life of many young executives to-day.

Perhaps you’ll be able to take a course this winter — ?  And knit and plot your writing – and write.

By May want to mail a Knit Bank to you and I’ll have same one – then tell me what to knit for the children. Is fearful I won’t make what they need –

How’s the weather?  By the time this reaches you the apartment will be housing you, I hope.

How I hated to think of you nauseated up there in the Jamesway with rain pouring down.  That made it lonelier than ever!  Darn it!  How I wish I had been strong enough and had money enough to have been there with you.  Live and learn.  I must get new hospitalization this week to protect me!  Makes me so very mad at myself to think I thought I was protected.  But I should have allowed no waivers.  I paid for also, lately nothing on one you see.

So thankful you get some protection from [can’t read word] on your expenses.  I had thought you were going to be paid off there next summer.  Well there’s bound to be an end to those payments.

School soon?  Please answer this [can’t read word].  Who needs workbook for review before school?  I think you said that John did in arith.  I’ll send one to-morrow, I have it on hand.

Sandra will be in 2nd and Charles in 3rd.  I  haven’t had time to work with Sandra.  Carolyn has made her do it.  She does a little story in reader when I’m there on Sundays.  She does not know phonics though.

Carolyn’s cold is some better.  Looked better and more “pep” before they went away.  She really always seems behind in her work – dragging behind.  She spends her time “busily”, but I don’t know what happens.  She and Charlie do care very much about you all.  They think it wonderful what you’re doing, Mil.  They both do – Charlie works about 2 nights a week.  Yesterday his Jet Propulsion – Air Force picture that he edited and assembled and prepared for the Air Force release movie was sent out over KNTX yesterday and Sat.  It was a tremendous piece of work – with trips to air bases, Las Vegas, Washington etc.  Lots of hours – but he says not as much profit as civilian pictures.  His “name” was on film production.  The men took miles of film, he took and had to put all together.  Now to bid on 2 other Air Force films.  Of course good business for him – a one man and assistant office – responsibility for a picture which he took for $24,000.  I do not quite understand it all – but he is thrilled and loves this moon and rocket business, as you know he did when a kid!  You can see a few “Echo” pictures in “Life” of last week.

How did you make out with the pups?  Wish you could sell them.  As you say “Experience” for later.  I know how you dislike leaving the hill-top, but it will wait for you.

Hope planting and all is over now.

Dear children.  I just Sharon with her pin and watch.  The darling.  Beginning this week I’ll scratch off a kiddie-letter a week to them in turn!

The “names” are all fine, I would not know which one to choose.  Think “Hunter” for a middle name would be fine too.  Oh, Mil, it’s unbelievable.

No wonder you’ve been very discouraged.  It’s been a hectic long grind for you.  What a sport you have been.  I pray it’s for the best – that homestead.  Anyhow the value is there.  How many acres have Hans sold?

Sharon and her sympathy.  She can really be sick and weary of it all too.  It’s been so much for a child of her age.  I remember shadows under her eyes last year when she was over-tired.  And she had rough hours last year.  They won’t have to raise at 4 A.M. this year.  I hope you won’t have to either.

It won’t matter “when” you decide to come down – as long as you can come.  Like you, it seems that in May right after school would be fine – then you could remain as long as you wish.  It will work out.  We’ll make it work.  Already I’m dreaming about it again.

January seems too cold for travel and too dangerous and not enough time.  We’ll see what suits you suits me.

I don’t have news – but anyhow here go loving thoughts to keep you from being lonesome –

Of the names for now I like Steven, Douglas, and David.  Robert sounds like “Robert Lord” too much!  “Joan” is a good girl’s name.

Will write in another day or so – lovingly as always, Mother XX for all.

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