The Aleutian Lulluby


Aleutian Lulluby

Go to sleep my little one, the sun has gone to rest.

Wind in furry mukluks passes by.

Longspur in the meadow grass is going to her nest.

Moon is slowly rising in the sky.

Church bells in the silhouetted steeples sing to you.

Wisp o’ fog is hanging on the hill.

Bearing sea is quiet and the crescent moon is new.

Lamp is flickering on the windowsill.  Oooo mmmm–

Cuddle in your little parka close your almond eyes.

Sail away on slumbers rolling sea.

But when the birds awake to sing an sun begins to rise,

My little aleut come back to me —  ooo  mmm–

6 thoughts on “The Aleutian Lulluby

  1. Dear Laura,

    I found your blog because I googled the song, curious to see if anyone else knew it. Natalie Brooks taught it to me in the late 1970’s.

    My family came to Alaska to a friend’s homestead near Copper Center in in the early 1970’s during the oil boom. We then moved to the “big city” — Eagle River. I experienced a lot of negative things as a child. My mother was not emotionally bonded to me. I love the place, though, and her relationship with me has improved over time. When my son was diagnosed with autism, reading about the condition helped me to understand my mother better.

    I am returning to Eagle River in July, counting the days. We “ran away” for various reasons; I am hoping that we can return now, stronger.

    Would you believe that my house in Eagle River is 4 blocks away from a Super WalMart? But the moose and bears still roam the neighborhoods…

    I wasn’t sure if I would return, but now things are falling in place, I am looking forward to it.

    May your spirit find peace wherever it flies.

    With love,


    • Please think of me when you return – perhaps stroll down Meadow Creek banks where I so loved to play during the times we lived at what we called the log house across Eagle River Road from Vanover’s. I am homesick. I am terribly homesick. I left in Oct. 1969 – it’s not the same place in many ways – but also will never change!

      I hope you are HAPPY there! blessings! Linda (Lloyd) –

      • Meadow Creek — just down the road from my house. You left the month before I was born. : ) If you ever felt able to come visit, I’d welcome you. I’ll send you photos, if you’d like, of what I see when I take a walk (something that I need to do, although I’m so busy with work.)

    • WOW! All of a sudden I don’t feel quite so all alone! Greetings!!

      For some reason this immediately came to mind….

      I miss our homestead high up and far back in the valley with all my heart. There are reasons I will probably not be able to clearly name in my lifetime why I cannot be there.

      But I thought of a man I met briefly once. His name was Jack. His second wife (Apache) was named Wanda. Jack and Wanda were deeply in love, married 20 years when she died suddenly of a post-surgery blood clot. The doctors had told her after surgery not to raise her arms above her head. She was in the bathroom combing out her waist-length hair – when she was killed by such a clot.

      Jack, an older man and a gifted professional jeweler (and great rock hound) went into shock immediately – lost his ability to breath right – and never recovered (he lived another 4 years). He left his home on his 7.59 acres the day Wanda died and never returned.

      I met Jack when I first moved here to Bisbee, AZ. I supported myself and my teen son selling books online, and had run an ad looking for books to buy. Jack called. I bought his wonderful collection of gem books, eventually moved into his house as a rental, and eventually bought it.

      During those years when the biz was good all I had was very slow dial-up internet, so I worked 14-17 hours every day putting books online. One day as I sat at my computer in front of a south facing window in what used to be Jack’s jewelry shop I felt a powerful, clear sense of pure JOY like I cannot describe.

      I KNEW Jack had died. I felt his and Wanda’s (ten years later this still gives me goosebumps as I write it) spirits soaring around the house, soaring around the perimeter of the property. (more goosebumps)

      They were reunited, and I don’t think such joy begins to belong in this earthly lifetime. About two minutes later book orders began to appear on my computer screen. Over $800 sold that day – the highest sales day I had in my little biz for the 7 years I owned it (before the market crashed and I lost the biz after my son left home – and the property).


      In other words, ‘meeting’ you here this morning I am reminded that there is a very good possibility – based on what I experienced the day Jack died (his son called me a few days later and told me of Jack’s passing – and yes, it was at that moment he and Wanda came soaring over the home they loved with their blessings on the property, for me and for my son) – When I no longer live in this earthly body of mine I may very well choose that spot on earth back there in Eagle River Valley to soar over myself!!!

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