It is taking me some time to read slowing through the book I am using for the basis of my choice to change my life by working with diet.  This green vegetable juice cleansing process has taken away most of my energy.  I am moving – and thinking – much more slowly than I am used to.  But I bet this is part of what this level of deep healing needs.

I found a section today that I found interesting, helpful to me, and perhaps of use to this blog’s readers.  So for informational purposes only I am going to copy some of the words of Shelley Redford Young and Robert O. Young, who wrote The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health into this post.  That’s about all the energy I can find at the moment – energy to move my fingers!



“Some psychologists talk about levels of “discounting” when it comes to problems, a process of not seeing reality clearly enough, ignoring the importance of some aspect of a problem or situation.  Discounting can harm you and hold you back.  If you cross the street without looking both ways, you are discounting several things such as your health, life, family and friends, various responsibilities, finances, consideration for motorists, and so on.  The higher the level of discounting, the more potentially serious a problem might be.

“The first or highest level of discounting is to deny the existence of a problem.  We see this with addictions like alcoholism all the time.  But we may be discounting the existence of any number of problems — not just addictions.  For example, many people consider as normal the long list of symptoms that plague so many of us, like excess weight, fatigue, skin problems, anxiety, depression, allergies, irritability, the flue, indigestion, headaches, PMS, high blood pressure, yeast, food cravings, and getting one or two colds a year.  These problems may be typical.  They may even be statistically average.  But they are not normal in a healthy body.  Calling them normal is discounting the existence of a problem.  If you don’t admit to yourself that excess weight or headaches or indigestion are a problem, then you are certainly not likely to address them.

“The next level of discounting is to admit the existence of a problem but to deny that it is important.  “Yes, I get very tired all the time, but it’s no big deal.  I just take a little nap during the day and I’m fine.”  The next level of discounting is to admit that a problem exists, and admit that it could be a serious sign of something, but to discount that there is much that anyone can do about it.  “Yes, I’m forty pounds overweight, and yes that’s probably making my heart work too hard, but half the world is overweight and doctors admit they have very little success in helping people lose weight and keep it off.  In the long run, people just can’t change certain things.”

“The final level of discounting is to admit the existence of a problem, admit that it could be important, admit that some people can change, but conclude that you cannot change.  “Yes, I know that many people have given up this terrible and dangerous habit of smoking, but I’ve tried everything and I can’t do it.”  Or, “Yes, I know that my terrible indigestion is bad for me, that it could lead to other problems, and that being on pills for the rest of my life is not a good solution.  I have one friend who gave up coffee but she has more willpower than I do.  Besides, when I go out with people, I just can’t find anything good to eat that’s supposedly healthy.  So what can I do?  I just get so tired of beating my head against the wall!”

“News flash!  There are solutions to life’s problems, and there are many positive ways to approach them.  This new updated version of The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health clearly shows you personally can solve both the little health problems and the big health problems.  Meanwhile, you can eat plenty of delicious food and regain a feeling of health that you have not experienced for many years.  But you cannot discount at any level the reality of whatever it is that you are dealing with.  In order to be motivated to make the changes, you first have to be realistic about the existence of problems, their level of seriousness, and the fact that there are solutions that you can implement in your own life.”  (Pages 233-234)


The authors next include clear and helpful information in depth related to making a committment to take charge of you health – these are only the chapter subtitles:

Step 1:  Define and Record Your Motivation

Step 2:  Set a Realistic and Appropriate Plan

Step 3:  Practice Your New Habits

Step 4:  Evaluate, Review, and Reward Your Progress

Step 5:  If You Fall Off the Wagon, SImply Get Back On Again


The next section of the book is about “WHAT YOU THINK, MATTERS.”  I am considering including that part in my next post.


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  1. Wow your body can’t handle fibre, that is scary! Brilliant idea to freeze the pulp.
    The other day I mixed a green juice with celery, spinach, papaya, lemon and kiwi fruit.
    Was delicious. Kiwi is a bit expensive so last night I used pineapple, papaya and a bit
    of grapefruit and ginger. Tasty! My friend makes wonderful organic humus and other
    Spreads so I have humus, tomato, cucumber and onion for lunch. I find green drinks
    With pulp very filling.

    I will probably organise the book only next week as I’m still grading papers! That super
    juice sounds great.

    I’m having so many moments when I read your posts of feeling how amazing this detox has
    Been for you in terms of revelations. The memories and connecting these to your breathing –
    Wow :(. How incredible that this diet is getting you closer to understanding your body. I feel a
    little the same. Yet I realised that this body is simply a house for my spirit and it will not cooperate
    With me necessarily. When people have cancer they experience that hugely. My body is not me. I need to
    decide how to work with it and care for it.

    I feel hopeful about our future of taking care of our health – if people are reading about diet and alternative
    Health care routes – especially taking the response-ability (love that) themselves.

    • Oh, dear Gingercat, it is so good to hear from you! I feel like I am living in the twilight zone – no way to begin to imagine my future — but I so hope this works to heal my insides so I can do something so essential, so basic, as to be able to eat ANYTHING!!!

      My sis ordered me pH drops for my water which should arrive Monday – and that is a missing piece of how this detox works. I just generally feel in limbo and I guess that I am. Am trying with all I have in me to be positive right now – and hopeful!

      Thank you so much for BEING HERE, and for sharing your warm heart and thoughts. Means the world! xoxox

    • Because I can’t eat any substance, no fiber, I get really hungry. I am hungry most of the time – but oh well! Young says to dilute the vegie juice during cleanse 1 part juiced veg. to 10 parts water. I have to drink it very slowly. In some ways I think if I hadn’t been through the horrors of chemo I am not sure I could really do this. But what are my alternatives? Very strange – but forward I go!!! xo

  2. I googled green drinks recipes and found one on dr oz’s website
    – which also advices taking enzymes and probiotics. From what I
    Read it seems our digestive tract has layers which need to be healed.
    As. I don’t have the book yet I thought I’d start there.

    • Yes – no doubt I have 61 1/2 years of layers to heal! lol 🙂

      At least I now have hope that this is possible – other than radical surgery option that would accomplish NOTHING!! That has been my fear. Besides – all the way around this is a good thing for me. I am hoping I can get to the STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES stage. My heavens!

    • I bought some French wrapped in plastic organic cukes yesterday – author highly recommends these – and my system seems a little better handling the drinks now.

      He recommends as the super green juice: celery, cuke, kale (I didn’t put that in this one), lettuce, spinach and a dash of parsely. I have garlic growing outside so I threw in a little of the tops.

      I also realized that I can freeze all the pulp that I can’t eat right now for soups later when I am better!!! xo

  3. By thw waybi didn’t know the diet specified only strained
    Drinks so I’ve been chewing my way through the pulp and
    having to drink a lot of water. I’m amazed at how I feel tho
    and at how you are experiencing you as a new born. I bought
    An aloe plant yesterday and love it as a friend! Xxxx

    • I have to strain the juice because my body for quite sometime cannot handle any fiber. Scary! People who do not have my troubles will do fine with the pulp in there!!!!!!

  4. That’s incredible that tou feel like your having a chemo treatment again.
    I wonder if you are getting rid of those chemo toxins.. It sounds very drastic.
    It must be very intense for you! Maybe the strength of the detox reactions will
    Diminish – I hope. I’ve not being doing it as properly as you of course – just trying
    To eat raw things. I admiit I added cooked oats yesterday cos I figured I need
    Bulk. I also added a boiled egg the night before. My detox was more normal but
    Surprised me in intensity – sore sollen tummy! Still feel sensitive but have good

    I’m thinking of you!! Hugs.

    • Did you order the book? So much info in there that helps all the pieces fit together – No need to be as radical as I am doing this, but there was nothing left I could eat and digest. xoxo

  5. Tiredness is definitely part of the detox but are you sure you’re ok?
    Are you getting enough of what you need to keep your system going?
    Especially since your body has been through so much.

    • I really don’t know, Gingercat. I long for a different world where all could HEAL with loving care and attendance – with assistance. Well, that world does not exist yet, that’s for sure!!

      I am waiting for pH drops that I tried to bypass because of poverty – but yesterday gave myself permission to ask for my loving sister’s help. She ordered them for me but they don’t seem to be an item shipping as fast as some. So I will have to muddle by until they arrive using baking soda to alkalyze the water. I did get to the store this evening for cukes and parsley – and tomorrow will keep at this!

      I don’t think I have any choice – even though I feel very nearly as I did on chemo treatments – which I find very interesting. Keeping calcium, potassium and magnesium up is important and I have that covered – but how EVERYTHING moves so fast through my system is beyond me. How is it even possible? I can’t imagine nutrients can enter my blood when everything zooms through at warp speed. Very, very strange!

      Have you ever done any kind of detox before? See, in that other world I long for nobody would ever do this alone and without care, support and guidance. Others could coach one another, encourage and support and inform them.

      The book just doesn’t cover the more detailed aspects of this experience other than what I posted the other day. I am staying hydrated. And I will continue to believe that some nutrients from these raw organic vegetables are able to make it into my system.

      I was reading at the end of this book where the recipes are. I sure have an interesting way of doing things. I jumped into the front end with the cleanse – really because I did not have a choice – but this is so sparse and strict those recipes look delicious! Not otherwise! By the time I am ready to begin introducing food – if my body ever lets me – I will be looking forward to trying out even BARLEY – which I HATE!!!!!

    • I have wondered if chemo related toxins are still in my body that are being eliminated through this detox – and if that is connected to why sometimes, not all the time, but definitely today I feel as if I recently had a chemo treatment.

      The steroids that have to couple with the chemo created fat increases, and according to this book the body specifically stores toxins in fat cells. I am losing weight – but don’t worry, I am still 20 pounds over what was my pre-menopause weight.

      I am also going with friends to a Native healer who comes highly recommended in Tucson on Friday, June 28th. I am hoping to specifically address both my smoking and my digestive concerns. xo

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