*Grandmother’s 6-7-1963 Letter To Mother


letter from grandma to mother

Friday, June 7, 1963

Dear Mildred:

Just have send [sic] my congratulations on the good old land notice coming out imprint at last.  You all have worked hard enough to earn them.  Hope people are “big” enough in their hearts to be happy for you.  They know what a struggle it has been.  I am thrilled to death.  I am happy, happy – but just a wee bit of me wishes Bill had pushed the full measurements [of the fields] so you would have it all.  Perhaps this is best though, because the dear public won’t be completely envious this way!  I know how “fed up” Bill is with tractors and all – but perhaps he will want to complete the job on the land while “marking time” waiting for his job-news.  Then it would take a year or two to clear that title, wouldn’t it?  Just wondering.  Oh, darn, to think you did all that “hard living” and working and could have have [sic] “full acreage.”  You know best and it will work out slowly for best – as this has.

Oh the “doubting periods” you and Bill must have and suffered through – I know.  I had many misgivings and wondered so often if my cheering and loans had been “too much encouragement” at times.  Now I am happy, happy for you – yet not yet completely content and satisfied until you reap what you deserve.  Oh Mil there goes the Bible proof that men reap what they sow!  Of course I’m anxious to know what next steps up your ladder will be.  So far – again I saw – I’m proud of you.  And much better things lie ahead if you dream, plan and work as hard to make good dreams come true.  Your land will last better than money in the bank – or stocks in the market, Mil.  They fluctuate as Kennedy and the Money Makers shake their wands and roar like lions.  You know what I mean.  Now you own land to stand on!

Hated to think of the darling trailer being sold, but it has served it [sic]purpose – and will serve a great purpose now if it clears you of your obligations to Mrs. Spoerry [landlady of log house].  Hallelujah – as the good old preacher says!  (You haven’t reacted to his mimeographed letters – later on – you’ll have time to give your reactions to them.)

I could see that BIG JOB on the old trailer.  [Linda note:  mother painted it] I wanted it to remain – but knew it was time to have you do what you are doing.  Also – that house lumber must be rotten wood, too – so near the river and under the trees.  You had a beauty spot – but not equal to the heights on the Homestead.  [Linda note:  I have no idea what she is referring to here!]

Please tell me those names of people who were big enough to say “Good for you!” to you and Bill.  I say good for Pullen and Pollards.  You have all had your problems to make you “grow” in more ways than the homestead too.  Quite different kind of growing up than the growth of Mr. Ecklund that stopped here with his family!

I just thrilled over the leaflet on the Swiss Chalet.  I’m so “mad” at myself now.   I had a wonderful picture of one in Switzerland – landscaped and all that appeared, I think in Journal, a couple of years ago.  I cut it out to send to you as a dream place for your mountain.  I held it for months and thought you might think I was “butting in” and you wouldn’t like it – so I threw it away.  Anyhow I love that chalet frame description you sent.  That is reasonable.  It is lovely.  And listen now, in the very same mail, the enclosed leaflet came from Ralph’s Market describing Chalet, dinner ware, etc. and glasses – and with it the little picture of the “Chalet” which I send [sic].  Coincidence, fate, or what?  Did you ever hear such a queer mail combination?  Think it a joke – anyhow the picture is cute – and the details on the Spenard leaflet leave me in a new dream.  Sell the trailer – Hope it has already been sold with that “up” price you mentioned. Somebody will get a darling trailer – nice enough for a bride and groom!  I must hurry to pay Eastern bill – then save for a chalet frame.  Anyhow it makes life more livable and likeable to have dreams and goals ahead!

Haven’t mentioned Alaska homestead letters to c – , but after your letter and notice of title I had to let Carolyn know that you had it “in the bag” now.  She said she was glad.  They know how much you did to earn it – even if she wouldn’t want to earn it the way you did.  I would.

She had told me she had gone to Glendale a couple of weeks ago and that Byron’s father showed her houses.  I did not know he was in Real Estate business.  Anyhow didn’t find what she wanted on that trip.  It isn’t easy because C. is same as we have always been, wants house plus good yards plus garage plus pool now.  New builders just jam houses together, even with nice house and garage they don’t find houses with extra land.  Same old problem we had in Melrose when I was looking a hundred years ago.  Some day you can build and build for you have lots and lots of land.  It just takes time and materials once you get started.  But that won’t be hard now – if you cleared of the dragging debts, Mildred – and save as hard as you have been doing to pay them off.  You have done so well.  It’s been those cars and garages that gobbled up the $ most of the time.

Anyhow – money in and of itself is not the answer to inner peace and happiness.  I know – I see enough unhappiness where there’s lots of money.

So glad school is over.  Appreciate that lovely letter written when you were so busy – as well as letters from Cindy and Sharon.  Nice.

So sorry about Cindy’s dog.  Hope he will turn up – probably won’t after all this time.  She had just written about her “Bear.”  She loved him very much, I knew from the letter.  Sweet letters.

If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow about a gift for John – I’ll send money – so he can get just what he needs and wants at this time.  Glad about guitar.  Will be perfect with his lovely voice.  Good.  What about that little sentence “Hope you hear him play soon?”  How?  Where?  Can I imagine things in those words?  Wish I could fly.

Work is going to be scarce for me here this summer – but a little of it.  Will keep plugging and hoping.

Now I do want to begin next week to work on my writing and on my Flintridge research with the men at school.  Good time now perhaps, we’ll see.

Also want to study a little bit – by myself.  Will tell you about that in the next letter.  Right now have to close.

Please (no matter what) send me your measurements and those of each child.  In case – your tape is misplaced will put my extra one with this letter.  Got some material at 66 cents a yard to make up in shifts – bargain.  Dying to make some for us all for knocking around.  Please take measurements or have girls do so – Do they sew now?

Poor me and my sewing moods.  Get material – but keep waiting for time – now I need to take some for change for me.

Will write to children over week-end – Had to say Congratulations.

Wanted to dance and sing when that paper clipping came with the letter.  What an accomplishment plus everything else done!

Best love always, Mother –

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