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April 13, 2009 (this post written by Stop the Storm blog owner)

Many people have some passing concept of what the term ‘attachment’ might be about.  We might think about the people we love and yes, this is about attachment.  We might even think about the people we have lost, or even about those we hate and yes, this is also about attachment.

We might also think that the term ‘abandonment issues’ would be a synonym for the opposite of a secure attachment and yes, that would also be correct.  But to me, only in the way that a tip breaks off of an iceberg, floats away,  melts, and vanishes forever.

This, then, starts us off immediately facing a huge bias of mine:  catchwords and catchphrases.  Beware of both.  They are often about as helpful to one’s understanding of themselves and their lives as are a pesky swarm of buzzing mosquitoes.


Attachment is not a minor player in some minor league in a small town ball park we need never visit or think about.  Attachment is the equivalent for each of us as the BIG BANG!  It seems obvious to me now that I followed this word as far back in my life as I could go.  I followed threads of research about attachment and attachment disorders like I was hungrily following a fishing line from the reel to the end with the tackle tied on.  But it wasn’t the tackle I was intent on discovering.  It was the big fat fish that had eaten the bait, splashing around just waiting to be my good dinner.

Attachment?  Go figure.  How did I get here in the first place?  Well, obviously some active attachment activities on the part of my parents.  Then, active attachment activity on the part of the sperm and egg that ended up me.  Active attachment when I was then a zygote and attached myself to my mother’s uterine wall.  Attachment through my umbilical cord until it was time to grow further into this world and I TRIED to be born.  See for yourself how well that went in Litany from the Start.


It doesn’t matter if we literally believe in the Big Bang! or not.  It is one of my useful metaphorical images.  It allows me to suggest that there is something even more important and bigger than even the Big Bang!  I happen to agree with the Chinese biophysicists (SEE Chinese Biophysics) as they ponder the purpose of evolution and therefore of life itself.

What is the purpose of attachment?  To preserve life.  What is life about according to the Chinese biophysicists?  Communication.  How does communication happen?  Through the transmission of information in a signaling process.

So, I suggest, the information signaling process that signaled the BIG BANG! to happen in the first place is the same process that all life uses, through varying conditions and actions of attachment, to create and maintain life.

Now we have given ourselves the fullest possible spectrum of meaning to use in our exploration of the reality of attachment.


For extremely important information about how attachment patterns form before the first year of our lives, and about how they influence us for the rest of our lives, please visit this pages at this blog’s sister site, Take Care of Mothers.


3 thoughts on “+ATTACHMENT

  1. This blows me away. I will be reading it/looking at it indepth. I have not seen the author/creator’s name yet, if it is here. How valuable to this subject–it can’t get any better than this. I am in awe, absolute awe.

    • Hi! I will take a look at this as soon as I can today and get back to you on source — and/or make sure I edit the link to include it! Am in midst of completing a chapter for book I am writing and should have mental slate cleared by noon!!!! Thanks!

    • If I reached the same post you did simply title ‘Attachment’ written April 13, 2009 the writing is mine. Please keep me posted through future comments on your reactions to anything you read on this blog – and with any questions! I have yet to make sure of the hundreds of posts on here that each has its clearest attributions of authorship — !! All the best, Linda – alchemynow

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