*Age 57 – Astrology Reading – Here’s just the part on my being a teacher


2009 March Astrology Reading On My Emotions

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Transcribed from tape of telephone consultation




[I asked him about my planet Mars placement being very close in the 11th house to both my Moon and my Pluto.]

Mars luckily is nowhere the Moon and Pluto.  [I laughed – “Well, it’s in the same house.]  Well, yes [a different room entirely]  Yes, my daughter shares my apartment with me but we live in different rooms, I understand.  [Me:  “It has to be related if it’s in the 11th, right though?]  Yes.  But see if you look at your chart your Mars doesn’t go through the same kind of duress.  Mars to Pluto, that 12 degrees.  That’s barely a connection.  I don’t usually use 12 degrees for anything other than the Sun or Moon.  So I don’t see that as conjunction.

You have Mars trine to your Jupiter.  And that’s the main aspect that your Mars makes, trine to your Jupiter, and Jupiter is in Aries so there’s a bond there because not only is Mars trine your Jupiter but Jupiter is in Mar’s sign.  And Mars is how we choose to attack problems.  It is the assertive part of our personality; it is what we use to cut away things.  It is what we use to – anything where we need to take and action, that’s Mars.

And Mars in the 11th house is a very good place for taking any kind of action that involves – let’s see, how can I put this – involves overcoming limitations of any kind.  See the 11th house has with it that same kind of             quality that Aquarius does of wanting to go beyond.  The 11th house says, “Well, OK, what’s the next step?  What’s the next thing we need to do.  OK, we’ve done this, what do we do next?”  So Mars in the 11th house gives you a good ability to know what to do next, basically.  OK, this has been done, all right, let’s do, let’s open the next page of the book, let’s start another chapter.

It is not the position of the person who starts the like the pioneer, the person who does something nobody – it’s not the old Star Trek “to go where no one has ever gone before.”  It’s more OK, what do we do now that the pathway is opened where do we go next.  So your Mars is trine your Jupiter, and Jupiter is in the 7th house.  And 7th house is, as you may know, is any kind of interaction with a person on a one-to-one level.  In the same way that the 11th house is groups of people, and the interaction with a lot of people, the 7th house is interaction with one person.  It’s a wife, a house of partnerships and marriage, but it’s any kind of one-to-one interaction.

And with Jupiter, Jupiter is the planet of teaching, it’s the planet of expanding horizons, it’s the planet of saying, “OK, let’s take this and run with it.”  With Jupiter in the 7th house you have the ability to teach people on a one-to-one basis.  You also have the ability to help people to expand upon what they’re doing, to expand upon a theme, shall we say.  So with the connection between Mars in the 11th and Jupiter in the 7th house, it shows that you have the ability to both work on things dealing with groups of people but also on a one-to-one level.



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