*July 11, 1960 – Cindy’s Letter to Grandma

letter from Cindy to Grandma, written after her 7th birthday

July 11, 1960

Dear Grandma,

I have a bunny.  Its name is Snow White.

Johns goat is growing Big.  [She crossed out “Its name is Whitey.]

Daddy is clearing more land.  Daddys clearing is on top of the hill in front of the house.

I had a nice Birthday.  I got a Roscoe, the many footed Lion.  I got some pretty slippers.  I got a pretty Bracelit and a Eskimo Doll.  Tiny Tears my doll had her Birthday too.  She had a cake too.  She had a candle and Tiny Tears blew it out all by herself.

We got a little puppy and we named him Tuffy.  Tuffy ate up all the gumdrops.

I hope I can write you a letter soon.  Love, Cynthia

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