*Age 11 1962-63 6th grade class picture

1st year in the new Eagle River elementary school, that's me 2nd row down next to the cartoon boy in the desk

2 thoughts on “*Age 11 1962-63 6th grade class picture

  1. OMG!!! 🙂 That is ME in the top Row!!! 😮 What was our teachers name? do you remember!??? You have the strait across bangs rite??? You are ADORABLE!!!!! ;} I’ve got to get Stella over here w/ her camera & have her take a pic of my first grade class photo!!!! Bottom row, far rite is my best friend, Diana Belsey, from 6th grade thru 10th grade when she moved to Texas, when her mom re-married for the 4th or 5th time!! Last I heard from Diana quite a few years ago (maybe 6 or 7 years??) she was living in CO, area living w/ her mom, who’s now a lesbian, & Diana is heavily involved w/ this spiritual branch of the Catholic church, she almost a nun, or some kind of lay person in this spiritual sect of Catholisim. don’t know a whole lot about it!!! I recognize about half of the kids! Oh what a FLASHBACK!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!! I’ve got the biggest smile on my face rite now!!!!! What’s your e-mail address? I want to send
    you my phone # so we can call each other & talk! If you’re
    up for that @ some point!!
    Mine is katy@pssifish.com

    • Well, my mother’s version of straight, I mean, couldn’t she at least have set the bowl on there STRAIGHT?

      Maybe somewhere I have the report card — otherwise, no names, not even teach’s on this

      I also have the 1961-62 split 3rd-5th class from Eagle river — I guess I was in 5th, but you aren’t in this one! That teacher was Mrs. Warren — where were you this year? I knew I was in a split class my 3rd grade year, also with 5th, at the Chugiak site — the 1959-1960 year because mother pulled us out and taught us on the mountain mid-winter of that year, our first full year of homesteading. I had no idea about this 61-62 split until I saw this! Well, darn, I’ll scan this one in, too! You know the kids…..

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