*My Father’s (disowned) Parents’ Letter After the Earthquake 4-1-1964


letter from my father’s (disowned by my mother) parents to dad and mom – from Inyokern, California

April 1, 1964

Dear Bill and Mildred,

We have been waiting so anxiously for some word from you!  I contacted the Red Cross on Saturday morning, giving your names and last address and asking to be notified of your safety or situation otherwise!  I called again this morning and was told they had no information yet, but advised me to write to you direct and that I might hear from you directly.  I would have called Mrs. Cahill if I knew where to contact her [my mother’s mother] and I’m sure she would call us if she had any word from you. –

You just can’t know how horrified we were when the first reports were put out over TV about 9:30 that night, or how we have prayed you were all alright!  Harold [my father’s brother?] called early Saturday and I was too numb to think what to do.  He told me to call the Red Cross at China Lake.  They said they already had a long list of names and were waiting to get a line through to Seattle.

If there is anything we can send you, please let us know! –

All our love and sympathy, Mother and Dad


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