*Grandmother’s 4-9-1960 Letter to Mother

Grandmother’s April 9, 1960 letter to mother:


April 9, 1960

letter from grandmother to mother

Saturday Eve

Dearest Mildred:

Would love to fly to you for a joyous week-end or Easter week.  But if wishes could come true – I’d visit often!  But I’m going to try very hard to be thankful that I am getting better and stronger every day and every week.  Your letters have helped so much, dear, during this long haul.

I know the fact that you managed to get your time in before May 7th [for proving up on land] had helped my morale.  You deserved to win that land.  And if you and Bill get all you deserve it will be wonderful rewards.  You are really making lots of progress even if you are “tight” in actual dollars right now.  I know how you have managed it all and know it is worth it.  Here’s hoping you can get more rest now.  You won’t be going up to the homestead when Bill is away.  Is he still going?  When?  How long?

I feel so much more content when I know that he comes home every night to you.  Week-ends at the homestead will soon be wonderful.  But those rising hours and long, long days!  Take care my dear of yourself – everyone else.

Wonderful to have the extra children this past week.  It does take time to get going, honey.  I told you about that when you started.  One reason I’m glad that you have the [log] house for another year.  It will grow better and better.  It matches so well with children’s school hours too.

As soon as boys leave I can send you more blankets and sheets, if you need them.  Let me know.

Oh how I wish you could be here as soon as school closes – but it would be confusing I guess.  I want you to enjoy yourself and relax and visit everyone when you come – not work for me.  That moving will be easy.  Now it has happened (no news but hope it will be O.K.)  I’d like to get it over.  Just worry over having to pay my own rent.  Charlie insists that this is to be considered a “loan” from him to get me started.  I can take it on whenever I get in position I want to – or I can continue it as rent.  [Linda note:  There’s a LOT more to this story, and involves the final days of my grandmother and her relations with her son.]

Oh, Mil, you and Charlie are so good to me.  I am proud of you both.  I am so glad you are capable, ambitious, clever go-getters.  I am just sick that Bill can’t face up to his problems.  He realizes it – and talked freely about it.  [Linda note:  I have no idea what she is referring to here.]

Had so much business to do – reports and house accounts etc. – I couldn’t type off copy of his letter as yet.

To-morrow for first time in 3 months I hope to go to the monthly writer’s meeting in L.A.  Elsa Falk (who wrote those children’s books) will do the driving.  Perhaps (?) now my life is less complicated by the students around me – I can settle down to try writing again.

Have tests in front of me here to correct – so I’ll stop and do them.  Will write on Monday – a decent note – more coherent I hope.

Had my hair cut again.  Was trying to let it grow – but made me look and feel sick!

Thanks for letter for Dion.  I don’t want her to go up to bother you.  She wouldn’t buy any Xmas cards etc. that time you had party at house!!  Also – she couldn’t take the weather etc. but her sister could.  Anyhow I’ll read your letter – parts of it – but won’t push idea.  Better to do business with strangers in your house etc. I know.  I feel that way.  Certainly with Dion.  But you wrote a lovely letter.  Thanks.

I’m going to work hard here too.  We’ll see how things work out.

Understand Carolyn got a letter off to you and her mother too.  Her mother is mad at her about not writing.

Wish I could send Easter clothes to you.  Say Hi to Bill.  Kiss all children.  Just a few lines keeps me happy as a lark.  Best love always from Mother


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