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  1. I had an awakening this weekend….what a horrible weekend but something interesting came out of it.I was having what appeared to be seizures, my husband rushed me to the hospital and they’ve stated that my seizures were in fact the symptoms of a Conversion Disorder.I was absolutely terrified all weekend…I was unable to walk, sit up or eat…..they said that these physical symptoms were due to my nervous system’s inability to handle stress.I remember my grandmother telling me that she was hospitalized for 10 years because she couldn’t walk or feed herself!!It makes complete sense. – grandma had this same disorder!!!I just hope my body/brain lasts long enough…what a nightmare

    • Thanks!

      Interesting – I have a strong personal bias of not liking any website that presents itself on a black background. I am sure the info is fantastic – just to me it’s passive aggressive – presenting something important and then making readers have to work so hard to read it!!

      I specifically chose my blog’s ‘theme look’ to avoid that kind of insensitive (to me) nonsense. I figured the topic of this blog – let alone the difficult personal experience readers would likely carry with them to my posts, was hard enough! My job was to make the blog as clear, unobtrusive, innocuous etc. as I possibly could.

      • Yes, u have to click around and search…it’s frustrating for some.They make reference to left and right brain thinking, they’ve suggested that there’s going to be an increase in right brain thinking in the future.People will be exceptionally creative in the future, ( this is after the chaos we’re seeing now) ..It’s a great site if u have the energy to click on the pics .

        • Yeah, after clicking on the link…the site somewhat resembles an ad, the black background and the cubes are contrasting.It seems like they’re bullying the reader , lol.It can frustrate a person that’s desperately looking for info.It’s kinda interesting that you pointed that out…you have empathy and insight into others.

          • I call it resonance, my dear!!! lol

            We are already probably FAR AHEAD of where ‘they’ will ever be!


  2. Hello!! I went in for my consultation and first intro session of Neurofeedback…They did a baseline on my left and right brain wave patterns!! I immediately thought of you!!!!It was really fascinating to watch!!At first there was very little organization and communication between the left and right sides of my brain, after constant feedback ( mostly audio), my brain started to self sooth.I started to regulate!!!! The psychologist and said my brain was very responsive, it was constantly correcting itself.She said, “you have a great brain, your brain waves were near perfect at the end of the session”.This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.The science is there to help…I was calm and alert after one session!!!I felt it!!Anyhow, I have a list of books that you may like to read.
    The Neuro Revolution:How Brain Science is Changing our World ( Zach Lynch with Byron Laursen)
    Scared Sick :The role of childhood trauma in adult disease ( Robin Karr-Morse with Meredith S.Wiley)
    The Evolution of Childhood:Relationships, Emotions, Mind (Melvin Konner)

  3. I am looking for a GOOD therapist who knows how to help adults who weren’t attached with in their infancy – lots of sensory deprivation and some abuse. I can move anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. I have been networking and not been so successful at finding someone. Please e mail me at amys15217@yahoo.com. Thanks.

    • Again, all the best to you in your search!!!!! I hope you can post this/your request on as many trauma-abuse-healing blogs as you can possibly find! And, I hope you feel comfortable with some form of prayer to God, however you understand God — for healing!!!!!! It helps, God helps!!!! Blessings to you, Amy!!!!

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