*1963 – August 12 – Letter from Dad to Mother


letter from Dad to mother – this is a carbon copy

August 12, 1963

My Dearest Mildred,

I’m sending you this at Dawson Creek just hoping to make connections.  I’ve wanted to write, but till now didn’t know where.

Got you’re [sic] telegram this afternoon – too late to get any money today — , so I’ll send it first thing tomorrow.  I’ve put off sending a check to your Mother – figured she could spare it another two weeks if need be.

I have missed you so very much, my Darling.  I’ve worked late every night since you left, but when I come back to this room it’s awfully lonely.  I think of you often during the day – wondering where you are, and how you’re getting along.  I know you must get tired driving, and I wish I was there to help you.  I’ve kept track on the map, trying to figure where you are each day.

I got two letters this morning – one from Tok and one from Whitehorse (mailed Friday).  I figure you must have some more tire trouble of some kind, if you’re still at Watson Lake on Monday.  I guess all the load in the car must be hard on tires.

The only news here – and I do mean NEWS – we got the patent on the Homestead today!  We really did.  I wrote a letter to the land office last week asking about it, and today it was in the mail.  Tomorrow I’ll have to go to the recorder’s office and record it.  Now it’s really ours. J

Got a letter from your Uncle last week [Howard] – no news – just telling how Detective Howard tracked down C.H.C.’s address from the L.A. phone book in library.

Had to work last weekend, may go sheep-hunting next week.  Eklund’s grass is growing, so he didn’t want me to disk again.  Didn’t pay me yet – how funny to have someone owe me.

I miss the children a lot, look at their pictures every night – and yours!  Will see the woman soon about the others.

No use writing more when I don’t know if you’ll ever get this.  I feel closer to you when I’m writing – and thinking about you.  I love you – I love you my Sweetheart.  Bill  — Give all the kids a hug for me, and a kiss for David (and Sharon and Cindy too).  Dad

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