*Grandmother’s 1-9-1960 Letter to Mother

[letter from grandmother to mother]

January 9, 1960, Saturday

Dearest Mildred,

How goes it?  Would that I could peek into reassure myself.  How I pray that the first will come fast and successfully for you.  I am pushing mentally for you all.  I am positively breathless about it, and about the weeks passing by for you.  The last letter was simply exciting where it described the Christmas on the homestead.  You “made it” for them, as you always do no matter where you are.  They’ll remember that one for ever and ever.  [Linda:  I do still remember it.]

How thankful I am that the Radio worked [Linda:  my mother’s 1st on the homestead, given to her for Xmas by grandmother] on the mountain.  Shortly after I bought it, one of the students told about a friend who took one to the mountain and it didn’t work.  I figure it must have been hut it [can’t read word ‘cauntry?’] not at the top.  Anyhow I can well imagine what the “voices” and “music” over the air meant cutting the dead silence for you all, and especially for you during that long long hours of  “waiting” and “listening” for Bill to come.  Oh, Honey, how I wish I could have been there this year to share all this with you.  But you’ve almost accomplished the feat – and the more power to you for it!

I positively cannot see or understand how you and Bill have withstood these strains.  I pray and pray that you can hold on to gain your goals.  I love you, both so much!  I don’t believe I have it within me to do it!

Yet I’m learning that other people have found their dreams being realized in Alaska, as I read that wonderful book on Alaska which you and Bill gave me for Christmas.  Thanks.  What a book!  It is revealing and interesting.  It explains the historical background so well, so briefly, that I want to read more about those early days.  But darn it, Mil, even in those first few chapters you see how they have presented the evils of commercialism, the jealousy, the liquor problems and all those early historical problems.  I can’t begin to appreciate it in one reading.  I mean to read it and re-read that book.  One reading isn’t enough but I want to go all the way through it on one reading, before I try to absorb it.

Those people put the thrills, the facts, the laughs and all so perfectly.  They make you feel that you have caught it all in the very few years you have been there.  That is wonderful, really.  Oh, Mil, that book represents maturity of minds and hearts of the authors.  The day will come when you will be ready to do your writing.  [Linda:  Here I am June 15, 2009 transcribing these letters for the first time, that mother and her mother carefully kept for mother’s own book that was never written.]  Meanwhile, my dear, you have had time and opportunity to stand aside to think things through for yourself – People who are in suburbia “following the crowd”, and running after them do not have time to think!

Yet I have had plenty of time to think but I didn’t do much for myself with all the thinking.

Perhaps I’ve found out this year that I have earned a very fine recommendation and reputation for my work here in Pasadena, even though I’ve been very quiet and retiring about it.  Funny how small the world turns out to be sometimes, and how news came back to you.  Of course I’d like to have a little more of the $ with it all — !  Let’s do it!  I’m all for it!

Mildred dear, the desk set cheers me every day on my desk – and that pen!  I admired it when I wrote before but I hadn’t used it.  Now I have and honestly tell you that it’s the best point and pen I ever used!  It’s very special – and holds a place of distinction on my desk.  I love it and feel you are near me as I work at the desk.  I’ll use it for next letter to show the difference but am using up pens.

Last week threw me – Those few days at [can’t read word here] – and the colds – and the interviews have had me all mixed up since the 1st.  I can’t believe it is the 9th.  As I told you Charlie went down to do the Army work.  I came down with a couple of nights for supper and stayed all night.  She was sick again with the cold etc – One after the other had the bug go around again.  She was a wreck and looked it.

Then she had troubles to settle.  The dog has been nipping children as they pass by – and keeps jumping over the fence.  She should have stopped it before.  Charlie meant to build a higher fence and had the stuff but didn’t get to it.  Now the neighbors reported him to the humane society and they got a restraining citation.  I have said several times that playing with a big dog, and rough-housing is dangerous.  Of course the dog doesn’t know {can’t read words here} especially German-wolf.  So the ‘dear neighbors” here are like others as you know and are not too fond of Carolyn, in most cases.

And I don’t wonder in some ways yet I couldn’t tell Carolyn or even [can’t read] I could see how thing’s would turn out.  She keeps to herself – except for [can’t read} and life goes on as ever here – routine – duties – no excitement……………

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