don’t remember doing it, but remember about cutting toes off of C’s big doll that matched mine, in LA before Alaska — I think we got matching dolls that Christmas of 1956?  I think mine had a red dress.


1957 when dad was in Alaska and before we moved out of the June house, mother didn’t tell me to watch S, who sat on a fire ant hill and was bit and I got in trouble — many times this was brought up during my childhood — me = irresponsible.  Didn’t love my sister S.


Also my fault S got excema on her hands because supposedly I let her play in the cow manure that was dug into the flower beds around the log house.


lots of thick ice on log house windows — huge icles that came down to the ground – we used to suck on them like popsicles


me responsible, supposedly, for S getting her fingers frostbitten day she and I made forts on the road – mom beat me ’cause it was her wedding ring finger, and even tho nobody would ever want to marry me, they would want to marry S and now what? — she says it was NOT that finger


Memory of the wooden storybook banks, bright colors, I think sent for from oatmeal or some other cereal box —  also cuckoo clock, similar?


C with the key lloyd on forhead from chickenpox before LA, she had xray treatments.  John went barefoot in LA before we left on got infected foot from stepping on sticker


John getting his arm caught in the washer wringer before we went to Alaska.  He remembers this, even the unpaved driveway with the tire ruts and grass growing in the center that this house had.


mud lake and the baby moose


8th grade basketball


remember those flower coloring cards grandma sent one xmas at log house, how I loved those!  and in 2nd grade at govt hill pats loved the snow white disney coloring book

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