*Grandmother’s 5-9-1964 Letter to Mother


letter from grandmother to mother

May 9, 1964

Dear Mildred:

To-morrow will be Mother’s Day.  I hope all are well now.  Your last letter told abut children home with colds.  Also – your trips back and forth so many times.  I’ll be glad, as well as you – all, when school is out.  I wish I could “fly” now!

I’ve been uneasy and nervous, ever since the earthquake.  So – how do you feel?  It’s been a strain, I know well.  And “snow” still drifting down!!  The weather in whole country is crazy.  Keep some good weather until I come!

Thanks for your darling letters urging me to come – but I have to be good for while yet!  I have to accept business while it comes.  And I am grateful that it is good now.  Meant to enclose a check with that card – so you could choose some small thing to yourself.  Am holding every dollar I can, for a certain trip later on.  I pray it will work out.

Anyhow, I did get down town to bank yesterday, so I want you to buy a five-dollar something pretty for a certain Mother I love!  Wish I had been down before so I could have sent something couldn’t because of tests.

Which brings me to try to face facts about my vacation, Mil.  I’ll be a fool if I don’t accept appointments already begging for June and July.  But I can “double”-time them and stop in middle July, I think.  But, Mil in one family I’ll begin at 8:30 and go to 10:30 – earning $20. before my regular day starts.  So – that family begins on June 2nd through June plus 2 weeks in July.  That will help me to enjoy my trip, Mildred.  We want to feel at peace when, and if, I get there.  Then I can remain as long as you want me – probably a month.  We only get settled in 2 weeks – ready to enjoy each other the rest of the time.  O.K. with you?  If not, say so.  You see my appointments manage me and my time – – –

And I was in a long period of worry because the new Freeway is going to go right through the little house – no matter what!  It will leave the Catholic Church (opposite Flintridge’s) with its elementary and high school.  It will cut down Baptiste way from Crown Point (Flintridge’s School.)  They have been putting up new buildings just the same, however, and a swimming pool (outdoors) too.  The actual leveling of the houses on Baptise, Crown and Hawthorn may etc. will not take place for seven years, though.  They are now ‘fighting’ the routes to be taken.  One group is fighting hard to keep the Freeway out.  They’ll waste their time.  The ‘inside’ group knows what will be done when the time comes, I bet.  And the people here are good family people fighting for their homes.  Property will fall in values beginning now.  It has been too high anyhow.  So committees and politics and P.T.A. are fighting each other day and night.

Also it will cut in at the corner of C’s property and take his neighbor’s house.  The freeway at his door – Property value down down – Well – who knows what may happen in next few years anyhow.  But it takes years for the state or county to buy and bargain and destroy.  Whole town is upset.  C won’t like it, but “so what can be done?”  But inwardly he may worry and fume – I can’t tell.  He hasn’t talked about it much.

Golly – real estate is a headache.  The little Guest House was rented for 3 months by an Engineer for Jet Propulsion sent from Washington.  Now at end of 2 months he is being recalled – He is furious.  What he doesn’t say about his “red-tape” delays, assignments, and 4 losses.  (Made me think of Bill “waiting” for orders last year.)  And this fellow doesn’t know where they’ll send him next.  House will probable [sic] be idle while too.

Well – – – all this “freeway talk” was on my mind when I was trying to think what I should do if it turns out to be a short period.

It’s not only in Alaska that people are confused about what to do.  Believe me, I am not worried.  I try to think a little about what I “can do” if I decide to make a quick move or if Freeway causes me to move!

Just cherish that bubbly, good letter you sent recently.  I am glad you let that trailer go.  It was deteriorating.  Also, the children are too big, and too wonderful to be labeled as having grandmother live in a trailer on the property.  It would be one thing to rent one for a month but another to spoil your beautiful view and homestead with any trailer of mine.  A little wee one-room house can be cute and attractive like your darling place – or shack-like.  I was thinking only in terms of one month this summer, so you would not be crowded.  We’ll “talk” about where and how to “put me up” from your viewpoints, not mine.  I’d be content in a “pup tent” for a month, you know.  Oh, Mil, it was fun to be with you all even in that New Mexico house – you know!!

Last month ruined me because I had to pay income tax.  But I did so I wouldn’t have it hang over my head!  Now I’m going to be set for Alaska, if I don’t try to pay full money to man in East.  I’ll work as hard as possible and then plan my budget.

What do you know.  Mary Cherry went on to Advanced Course in that Grapher Analysis Course.  Now has finished so-called “general course” for $250.  George loaned her the money.  Now she has a teaching certificate.  Such a publicity hound she is too – confident braggard [sic], really.  But what burns me a little (I’m sorry) is that from the handwriting she writes up reports that sound as if they were authentic psychological reports of mine.  She admits it.  She has 4 family reports plus her school too.  I admit she does do excellent job and gathers a crowd around her wherever she goes.  She has “worked at it.”  She studied hard – did one year course in 8 months.  Had an opening class last week at here [sic] home – one evening.  Began with  a teacher-friend-and a bu8siness personnel man and his wife (a psychologist) etc.  (ten of them at $25 each of 8 weeks).  She made up her money on this group!

They are a “tough group to tackle.”  I don’t know how she’ll manage – but she’s determined to go to the top in this.  She is a driver, if she doesn’t make enemies.  But, these people are out to learn to do it for themselves, especially this man and his wife.  He runs “seminars” for business executives – at $300 each – for a week’s meetings, lectures etc.  Whether they’ll take Mary in with them, or leave her on wayside afterward, time will tell.  She’s wise.  She tangled with the head of the modeling school and left that deal.

Thank goodness I refused to go on with her in this analysis deal – knew we’d never work out together — she wanted to use my reputation as a psychologist to bolster up a scientific recommendation and, the business men – banks – law firms etc. etc. are being led to believe that this graphic analysis is better than psychological tests.  I won’t go into that now.  I’m watching.  I’ll study more sometime, if I wish.  I know enough now having had the 8 basic lessons – so can decide later.

[Linda note:  See  *Grandmother’s Notes On Analyzing Mother’s Handwriting]

But this psychologist and the Personnel man have just now bought (2 months ago) a big $100.000 home in Verday Hills or Beverly Hills.  Mary went there Thurs. for a consultation on a secretary for him – on basis of her handwriting.  He will use this mansion – for office, for seminars, for entertaining!  Mary called me and told me last night.  But that man.  Mil is a clever dealer – and will make a MINT on all these things.  UGH!  Ugh.  But they are SMART.

Well, that’s that report.  I stay away from people, except on business, Mil.  I see and know too much about them.  I know my own weaknesses too, don’t forget.  I try to work on them.

You see I’m “out of paper.”  Am going to store now.  Will get some.

How goes “filing?”  [of mother’s letters for book] Wish I was there now to help.

How are the children.  I did not forget that they had colds when you wrote last.  Tell me how they are now.  Glad you found a trustworthy woman to substitute a little bit.  [Linda note:  For babysitting on school days to cut her commute to get us to school bus, I imagine]

But, Mil, put you [sic] writing and filing away from prying eyes!  I bet certain people wonder how you occupy yourself, knowing your talents!  Write at once so I won’t worry.  I LVOE you all and appreciate even quickies.  Love again – MOM –


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