‘twilight sleep’



This is the first reference I have found in my mother’s writings to the circumstances of my difficult breach birth.  It comes from an October 22, 1960 letter (see in *October 1960 MOTHER’S LETTERS) my mother wrote to my grandmother.  My mother is expecting her 5th child to be delivered in Anchorage, Alaska.

“I’ll be glad when that’s over – it’s a Catholic Hospital and I still remember my experience with Linda [Linda note:  Interesting statement – I wish she said more – and was she given Twilight Sleep during labor? ]  I pray they won’t be like that.  I hate to be alone in labor and this time I’ve felt so bad.”


She mentions this fear again in her January 3, 1961 letter to her mother in reference to the upcoming birth of her 5th child (see in context with *MOTHER’S LETTERS – 1961):

“Now for $240.00 for 3 days in hospital!!  Insurance pays $30.00.  It’s a Catholic hospital and they won’t let your husband stay with you and I’m scared after experience with Linda.  I hope this baby comes out right and Dr. has more sense, and nurses are kinder.”


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