*1963 – August 21 – Letter from Grandmother to Dad


letter from grandmother to dad, mother and kids on trip south

August 21, 1963

Dear Bill,

By now you probably have as much, or more, news about Mil’s trip than I have.

Just received first card in same afternoon mail as this check.  Will enclose it.

She hadn’t written but called me from Watson Lake, Yukon.  Said that the Canadian dirt roads were rough.  Guess they were hard on car and on her too, but all were well.

She called again last night from Edmonton, so later news than postcard says she was fine last night.  Hoped to reach U.S. roads and pavement.  Sounded relieved car was fixed.  Ready to start for Montana, I think, then maybe Denver, Col.  Said meals were good wherever she was yesterday – at pre-war prices too.  All were well.  She was in good spirits.

She had received mail from you and was relieved and happy.  Said that she missed you a lot!

They told her mail was slow because your mail had to be re-routed some way that took three days longer.

Urged her to call me if she runs short of money and wanted to know her route and plans when she can.

She has plenty of spunk to do this.  Said children were well, but David still has a cough.

Haven’t had a letter in weeks, so I’m in the dark about all this.  Needless to say I did worry about those roads and all.

Very, very happy that at last you have the patent on 120 acres at least!  It’s been a big job well done.  Of course it has been a real strain on all of you.  I pray that everything will be fine now.  I’m very proud of you and Mildred and the children.  They had their part in it too.

Anxious next for news about your job.  Do you think it will come through soon?

Mildred is a grand sport to make this trial for David’s health.  It will be fine to get the colds baked out of him.

I know how lonely you must be, as well as Mildred.  It must be for the best.

I’m very glad that you wrote to me, and thanks again for that check.

Oh for the time when we all feel secure without money worries.  It will come I know.

I’m glad to have your address.  I would have used telephone of last year if she hadn’t called when she did.

You probably will know all this by the time it arrives!  Never mind, maybe not.  I’m stowing the address in my purse now.

Do drop a note about job news.  Lovingly, “Mom”

P.S.  She called me last night because I’ve been begging to be allowed to “join” the caravan somewhere along the line.  She puts me off.  Ah me!

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