*Grandmother’s 7-12-1960 Letter to Mother

Tuesday July 12, 1960

Letter from grandmother to mother

Darling Mildred

Have you money to repair that car wheel (60?)  Tell me truly.  You must have that.  Tell me truly.  Thanks for check.  Will write to-night.

This is just a very short note to accompany the enclosed dismal letter of Sunday.  I am sending it so that you will know I was thinking of you all and wrote to you.

But the letter of yesterday – two letters in fact, [can’t read word] me and my viewpoints.  I want you to know.  Your letters were wonderful.  However a good sleep Sunday night also helped.  I woke up yesterday morning (Mon) feeling like my old self – just like “working” etc.  It was a good thing because I am “sitting by” as a court witness on Dr. H’s case.  Today is second day.  Dickering and haggling over financial arrangements make the delay.  Money is an issue – if you have it, as real as if you haven’t got it, you see!

Anyhow I spent 8 hours in court.  Then she took me to dinner.  Then went back to house for more “talk.”  Believe me I’ll charge for it.  C and C are furious that I even attempted it after being ill – more provoked that I charge her only $10 per hour, not $25.  But I’d never collect if I didn’t charge $10.  But after this I’ll be different.  Charlie charges and gets it, but his business is very, very different!  He doesn’t understand.  This case money just clears me up with Charlie on hospital money, so I’m glad to finish it up!

There is no use trying to compose a letter.  I’ll do that to-night.  I hadn’t had time to mail your Sunday letter, so opened it to put this in.

First day to myself will mail all those letters and pictures too.  Am full of pep again.  Loved the news and happy that your spirit exudes your old happy self in those letters.  Love you all.  You will win out.  Love, Mom.

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