*Grandmother’s 4-2-1964 Letter to Mother


letter from grandmother to mother

Thursday 5 P.M. April 2, 1964

Dear Mildred:

To hear your voice was such a relief after those days of worry!  Thanks again and again for calling.

I have relayed the good news to our friends who called time and time again.

Aunt Lillian called from Minneapolis last evening.  Said she had waited a few days because she knew Joan had called on Sunday.  She had said I didn’t expect to hear until Wed.  Lillian was relieved and happy.  Wanted to be sure there was nothing they could send.

Had four sentences with Bill.  [cousin]  He’s now studying Pharmacy at University.  Says it’s going well and he likes it.

Natalie called last night.  Sent her love.  Is coming over at end of month.  Had been worrying about you.

Oh, Mil, you all had so much love and so many prayers sent your way.  I am very glad to know and to hear from all.  It’s a comfort I won’t forget.

Whether they know you or not – Flintridge prayed and sent messages to you too!  As for me – I’m tired now that I know all is well.

Could not type but fussed around trying to.  Instead I typed today – finished last report on hand which I’ll run to mail with this now.

No real news from me – except my thankful prayers to God for all your blessings.

Looking forward to your letter on the way.

Received all your Eagle River news – which I shall read now.  Scanned before.  Have devoured Alaska news all week-end.  Never left house until I got your call, dear, so I’d be here – “if.”  Happy, happy over fact you have already begun the book!  Publishers will be anxious for it – if you can rush it together even roughly for submission while “Anchorage” is still in the news and rebuilding.

Next letter won’t be written at end of a hectic day.  Am going to take more time for myself and you and writing.

Love you all.  You were all so brave and calm.  Blessings on you all, from Lovingly, Mother


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