June 20, 2020 – I apologize for the ads that now appear on the blog.  I don’t put them here.  I have been debating what to do with this blog – decision not yet made – thank you for being here and for all your attendance in my written world over the years!

Ha ha!  Perhaps it was inevitable that I would be called back here to write a small note on this date – it has a proverbial RING to it!!  How are all of you faring in this topsy turvy corner of the universe we are sharing?  Nobody is having an easy time, that’s for sure, but there are billions suffering in ways that I cannot begin to imagine.  They have been suffering ‘beyond the pale’ of acceptability for ANYONE.  ANYWHERE.  EVER!

Thank you to a reader who left a comment today.  A current steered me back here – which surprises me.  A long journey took place that has at last returned me to my beloved high desert, although climate change is speaking and I notice.

In the strange quiet of my stay-at-home-’cause-the-virus-would-kill me world I often lose words in stillness.  There are billions of voices out there that need to be heard.  I have had no feeling that mine is one of them, but if anyone wishes to leave a comment I sure will do my best to respond!!  What YOU have to say IS important!  Thank you for visiting!!

(I was making progress keeping up in this new digital world but I stepped out of line long enough I am now behind and doubt I’ll catch up!  No Twitter for me!  So I don’t know if someone comments here via that mode if my response will reach you!)


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