The scope of what I seem to consider as I work out the details in my being about the work I do brings me around to thinking about a big picture that includes looking backward toward the very beginning origins of humankind as we began to leave the trees in search of food and needed to move upright to survive — as well as to the far, far distant future when the new race of humankind we are in the process of becoming inherits the earth.

The massive cycles of human evolvement have not been without purpose.  Without a doubt this new race of humans is already beginning to be formed.  When anthropologists look backward from the far distant future to this point in time they will detect this quickening happening among those of us occupying time on earth now.

The damage that is being done at the start of life to so many people has to stop.  The purpose of ‘mothering’ must be recognized so that as a species we will be able to guarantee to everyone born that their life will be what it needs to be in order for them to grow a healthy body-self.

Inadequate early beginnings – depending on the severity of deprivation and trauma – guarantees that altered physiological development will occur.  Currently we throw into the trashbin everyone who suffered from birth as we blame them for ‘being a worthless mess’.

Enough is enough.

Enough is MORE than enough!

As we sit at the cusp of the new world that is coming, as we make it through our days taking care of business, it is easy to lose sight of the vast changes that are happening worldwide at an increasingly speedy rate.

Technology has not been given to our species by God for us to use to entertain ourselves or to further accumulate power and money.  Technology is given to us as an extension of the human mind to peaceably bring us together in new ways — as we heal.

Technology now shows us exactly what infants must have in their earliest human interactions to grow a healthy body and self.  It shows us what happens when these needs are not met.  Experts now know that early deprivation in infancy literally creates a trajectory of physiological development for its victim-survivors that is ‘evolutionarily altered’ in adjustment to a malevolent world.

Why should this surprise us?  Do we really naively believe in the face of all global information to the contrary, that this world is currently a benign one?

The thing about infant need is that it’s personal.  Each individual human being that is built in safe and secure early attachment environments then has the foundation built into them to live an optimal life.  One by one.  One by one.  Each of these little people scoot into their future intact.

What each of these people then choose to do with their intactness is their own — although greatly influenced by the civilization they are a part of.

Infants who do not get what they need are intact in a different way.  They are limited by the physiological alterations in their development that deprivation has caused.  They are intact to live in a malevolent, not a benign or benevolent world.

In our Western cultures these altered people – thrown into the trashbin of the culture who allowed deprivation to swallow them up in the first place – most often end up swelling the ranks of the criminals, the violent offenders, the infant-child-spouse abusers, the homeless, the battered, the hungry, the lost, the most lonely, the most poor, the misfits, the sick – and the ‘mentally ill’.

So what?

Who needs them?

Who cares?


There was a time a few million years ago when the upheavals of the earth’s surface changed the climate enough that the forests in Africa that fed our ancestors began to disappear.  Had ‘nobody’ been able to lift up their head – and in some way expand what they had of a mind, albeit a mind fed by instinct — enough to MOVE ONWARD — we would not be here today.

Somebody had to dare to figure out a way to find food elsewhere outside the diminishing, vanishing forests.

Out into the grasslands they ‘snuck’ on all fours.  Out into the unknown.  Out into the only direction available to search for continued survival.

What?  Stand up to see something over the top of tall waving grasses?

What?  Stand up increasingly more often to move more swiftly on unfamiliar land away from dangers and toward some new source of food?

A new world.  A new being.


What do we see as we look around us at the world over today?  Over 7 billion of us now all walking around.  Do we see the landscape we have been familiar with for so many millenia is changing?  Can we imagine the evolutionary changes we are going to have to make in our body and our being to live peacefully with fairness and justice together in this new world opening up around us even now?


Those of us deprived of safe and secure attachment in our own infant beginnings DO have an evolutionarily altered body, as Dr. Martin Teicher’s Harvard researchers describe.  I have one of those bodies, altered by trauma to survive in a malevolent world.

It has not been the society I live in that has given me the answer to what the trauma that changed me from my birth has done to me.  My society has shamed and blamed me – would call me ‘mentally ill’ and throw me in the trashbin as a useless if not worthless castoff among the fortunate.

It is my access to technology that includes access to the important infant-child developmental neuroscientific research that has answered my complicated questions, that has led me to stand up on my own two feet to leap out and away from any trashbin I may have ever known.

In the end, as we survivors find out the truth we will begin to comprehend that the evolutionarily altered nature of our being is not so much a BACKSTEP into a body designed to function in the hostile, primitive world of our earliest beginnings as a species.

No.  Our evolutionary alterations have given us gifts of perception, of insight, of knowledge about what being human is about.  It has given us the capacity for the deepest forms of compassion and understanding.

It’s a sad thing to have to tell civilization what we all need because we survivors never had it.  But if this is where the best voice of sanity, reason and conscience must come from, then we best shout this out.

We have a voice for reason.  The reason why we suffer so much in our lifetime, the reason why we are not like the ‘haves’, the reason why we are different, why we are evolutionarily altered, is because those with the power to guarantee that the needs of infants and children are met did not do their job.  Their turning away from us created the climate that allowed what happened to us to happen in the first place.

As those people who had their earliest needs met continue to swing around in the forests filled with trees of plenty – it is the rest of us who are out shrugging through the unknown grasslands in search of a new future and of continued survival.

The world, at least in our culture, may very well be in the midst of a transition that, yes, does include a widening gap between the HAVES and the HAVE-NOTS regarding so many very real and tangible assets and resources.

But it is the transition that is happening regarding THIS widening gap that matters far more — the growing gap between those compassionate, informed and wise people who CARE and those who DO NOT CARE.

If growing up in a lush forest, glibly swinging my way through trees laden with plenty would have turned me into a person who did not care, I would much prefer to have been among those who struggled through foreign, dangerous grasslands learning to walk upright on two feet.


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  1. Hi AlchemyNow, I’ve been following your posts for a couple of months after finding your site while searching ‘self-care’. Thank you for all this work you do, especially its breath and depth which is what I relate to the most. Especially in North America, I don’t believe we are a culture that values empathy enough and I am not sure that someone who does not have an experience of what I call ‘core abuse’ can understand what someone who has goes through can appreciate how challenging it is to live with or even sees value in knowing about it. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and only in the recent past and now as a 54 (wise?) woman believe I have a (self) diagnosis and treatment plan that begins to make sense to me. In reading, Trauma and Recovery, I realized I live with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is an umbrella I use for several other conditions. So, thank you, again, Lee, Nova Scotia, CanadaW. Lee Shane Halifax, NS, CANADA Email. heroicheart@yahoo.com

    >________________________________ > From: Stop the Storm >To: heroicheart@yahoo.com >Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2012 4:13:07 PM >Subject: [New post] +THE BEST VOICE OF REASON: WHAT EARLY TRAUMA SURVIVORS KNOW > > > WordPress.com >alchemynow posted: “++++ The scope of what I seem to consider as I work out the details in my being about the work I do brings me around to thinking about a big picture that includes looking backward the very beginning origins of humankind as we began to leave the trees in ” >

    • Hello, Lee – I am very happy to hear from you! I was thinking of a reply to you as I wrote this post today – +SURVIVORS’ REALITY: OUR UNCOMMON SENSE (LONG POST!)



      It became an extremely long one!!

      On a personal level I wanted to mention that only within this past year did I discover that my mother’s father’s parents were born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My grandfather (born 1845) is listed on the early U.S. census as having moved to Boston from Halifax around 1920 – and is listed as ‘Unitarian’.

      I emailed the Unitarian church in Halifax (they state online they have a detailed history of their church) with questions about my great grandparents and their parents but received no reply. I wanted to see if my great great grandparents were among the founders of this church.

      Their last name was Cahill. The census states that before my mother’s father was born – he being the 8th child – the family had lost through death 5 children – I imagine from flu. Knowledge of this tragedy in the family has helped me to understand a little bit about Mother’s father as he contributed to my mother’s demise.

      My mother’s mother’s side of the family immigrated from Scotland to Prince Edward Island. This part of the family also moved into the Boston area I think in the 1920s.


      Anyway, I think I have written myself out of words at the moment!! lol

      I certainly hope to hear from you again, and thank you for writing today!! All the best, Linda – alchemynow

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