*Age 57 – Astrology Reading – Here’s just the part on my feeling different from other people


2009 March Astrology Reading On My Emotions

Zane’s Page

Transcribed from tape of telephone consultation



Here’s the thing.  Everybody, I don’t care who they are, is basically on some kind of deep level made out of the same stuff.  And we wear different clothes, we have parts of our personality emphasized, one person may be much more outgoing, one person may be much more reserved but it’s all the same raw elements that each person is made up of.  These people that you don’t understand, they’re also you.  You are not seeing yourself as a person.  You don’t see yourself like these other people.  You don’t understand them because you don’t allow yourself to see yourself.

In order for you to be able to understand other people you need to deal with who you are.  You need to accept the fact that you are a person.  So is the person you are talking to, so is the person down the street.  That you’re all basically the same.  Different arrangement of parts, different focus perhaps, but everybody has varying degrees of woundedness.

You’ve got a very intense one, a very deep one and it’s extremely difficult for you to bear the pain, but these people that you just don’t understand, they also have pain, and they also are interacting with other people with a certain amount of dissociation.  So one of the first things that you need to do in order to be able to resolve this apparent dichotomy is to accept the fact that we are all bent, we are all broken in some respect, that it’s a matter of degree rather than anything else.

That your personal woundedness, as overpowering as it has been for you at times, is not different than what other people are going through.  You have a common bond in that everybody has been hurt.  And once you can get past the concept of you being different – and that’s what it is.  We feel our own pain obviously more than we feel anybody else’s, and I remember, not to make light of it but I’m going to use an example, I remember years ago I had a friend who was a little bit drunk, and I was trying to say to him, “You know I know exactly how you feel.”  And he said [whining], “Nobody knows how I feel.”

And this is basically, this is something that we do feel, that nobody has been through the hell we’ve been through.  Nobody has the slightest understanding of what exactly it’s like to be me.  But that’s not true.  And when you can bring your consciousness to the awareness that these people that you don’t understand are no less, no more whole than you are, they’re not above you, they’re not alien life forms, they’re just like you.

This is the 11th house thing.  The connection with groups, with people.  With identification with just how we are connected to people.  And with your Pluto in the 11th house your connection to other people is through your woundedness, through your need to deal with this intense – let me start that sentence over again.  Where Pluto is usually somewhere where we have been robbed, either on purpose or unintentionally, of some power and control over our own life.  And where we spend our lives trying to figure out how to reclaim our power.

Your focus, your reclaiming will only come by getting it through your consciousness that you share a pain that is human.  People have been abused in different ways but everybody has gone through some kind of abuse.  People have dissociation because their life just did not make sense and they had to try to make sense out of it.  We’ve all gone through this.

So I guess what I’m getting at here is that in order for you to put all the pieces  together you first have to let go of the idea that your situation makes you different from everybody else.  It doesn’t.  Maybe your specific pain is not identical to somebody else’s, but you have a shared wound.



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